Under this Circular, the Stock Exchanges have the duties to supervise happenings of transaction during day, many days, periodically; to analyze, evaluate and take responsibility for determining signs of violation with respect to extraordinary transactions aiming to timely detect transactions which have signs of market manipulation, internal transaction and acts violating regulations on securities transaction as prescribed; To supervise information disclosure and regime of report according to current regulations; To make periodical, extraordinarily reports and reports at request on securities transaction supervision conducted by the supervised subjects and to send them to the State Securities Commission…

Besides, the Ministry of Finance also requested that Organizations, individuals participating in securities transactions and supplying services of securities transaction have obligation to timely, sufficiently, exactly provide information, documents, electronic data relating to content of securities transaction supervision at the request of the SSC, SEs; to make explanation at the request of the SSC, SEs on facts relating to securities transaction as prescribed by law and implement information disclosure as prescribed by law on securities and securities market if securities transactions of organizations, individuals or relevant persons with intention to hold twenty five percent (25%) of voting stocks, fund certificates of a public company.

This Circular takes effect on March 08, 2013 and replaces the Decision No. 127/2008/QD-BTC dated December 31, 2008.

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