Accordingly, the Prime Minister desires to the year 2016 to build system for fast alert warning and analyzing on food security risks capable of rapidly processing information about food safety, food safety incidents, and contributing to improving the efficiency of food safety assurance and public health protection; improve the quality of information serving the operation of food safety risk analysis and rapid alert systems nationwide;

Objectives to achieve by 2016: 100% food safety alert offices of ministries, provinces, and units are connected to the central alert office; 100% personnel related to food safety rapid alert systems are trained in management and technology; 100% food safety alert offices of all units in food safety rapid alert system are adequately and consistently provided with instruments for receiving and processing information and alerts about food safety.

Also in this Decision, - The agencies in charge of the state management of food safety shall reach the agreement on the methods of reporting, the responsibility to report and make statistics of tasks: monitoring food poisoning and food borne illnesses; monitoring food safety during the production and trade of foods; inspecting the safety of imported and exported food; controlling food safety along the border; updating alerts about food contamination and food safety incidents from food safety alert systems of the region, the world, and the involved countries.

This Decision takes effect on the signing date.

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