Beside the rights and obligations of the union to provide employees with guidance and advices on their rights and responsibilities when concluding labor contracts with employers; to negotiate, sign, and supervise the implementation of collective labor agreements on behalf of the whole staff; to cooperate with the employer establishing and supervising the implementation of the wage scale, the payroll, the labor norms, the regulations on wage payment, bonus, and labor regulations; to discuss with the employer about the resolution of issues relating to rights and obligations of employees; to provide legal advices for employees and to cooperate with organizations and individuals competent to resolve labor disputes, the trade union shall also be responsible for requesting competent state authorities to consider and resolve when the lawful rights and interests of the whole staff or individual employees are violated and filing lawsuits on behalf of the whole staff when their lawful rights and interests are violated, to file lawsuits when the lawful rights and interests of individual employees are violated under the authorization of such employees.

Additionally, this Decree also promulgates the rights and obligations of the union to represent the whole staff and individual employees in the lawsuits over labor, administration, and bankruptcy; to call and organize strikes; to represent and protect the lawful rights and interests of employees.

This Decree takes effect on July 01, 2013 and annuls the Decree No. 133/HDBT dated April 20, 1991 and the Decree No. 302/HDBT dated August 19, 1992.


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