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Trademark searching, brand searching and company logo searching

1. Benefits of trademark, brand, company logo (trademark) searching?
Due to the current social needs, there are many clients always asking about some problems related to trademark searching, in which, there are always questions about why do clients need to carry out trademarks searching? Does the search take a long time? What is the cost of trademark searching? Which company can conduct a trademark search with high quality and efficiency? When to carry out the trademark searching?
Although the law does not require to carry out the trademark searching, brand searching, company logo searching, this procedure brings many benefits, so searching is indispensable, necessary to do.
First of all, trademark searching must be conducted before applying for trademark protection. Or immediately after the trademark is completed, the search will be the basis for the owner of the trademark to adjust trademark accordingly, increase the chance of successful registration for protection of the trademark.
Next, the trademark search doesn't take much time, only about 3 days to 5 days or even just one morning/afternoon can look up (depending on different cases, the searching time will be different).
The cost of trademark search is also inexpensive, if carry out a preliminary search for the trademark, it will be free of charge, but may not be accurate. If carry out an official search for the trademark, depending on the service provider, as well as depending on the number of product/service groups of the trademark (usually the cost is around 500.000 VND to 1.000.000 VND/product/service group).
Finally, trademark search will bring the trademark owners the following benefits:
- Saving time and costs, not having to modify or supplement protection registration applications many times;
- Having a basis to assess the duplication, similar, confusing with other trademarks that have been registered and protected before;
- Trademark searches are the basis for assessing the discrimination ability, the ability to successfully register for protection, are the basis for sending official letters to state agencies competent, or even a complaint, of a competent state agency if it commits an act of wrongdoing or fails to comply with the order and procedures;
- Trademark searches help trademark owners can check whether their trademark registration violating the ownership of other individuals, agencies, organizations or other businesses.
In addition, there are many other benefits of trademark search, clients can refer to: Why do you need to search logos, brands, trademarks? Service to search trademarks, brands, logos
2. How to search trademark?
To conduct a trademark search quickly, clients need to follow these steps:
Step 1: Prepare the brand, brand, logo to register
Trademark intended to register should be expressed in a certain form that can be a symbol, letter sign or a combination of both graphic and word symbols together to form a sample of trademarks, brands, unified and harmonious logos. Preparing trademark in this period is fast or slow depending on the creative individual, as well as depending on the needs of the trademark owner who wants to register quickly or slowly.
Step 2: Identify and catalog categories of products / services registered for protection with trademarks, brands, and logos
Each trademark will be registered for one or more product/service groups. Grouping is very important in searching trademark. According to the current law, there are 45 groups, from group 01 to group 34 are product groups and from group 35 to group 45 are service groups. The classification of products/services needs to be 100% accurate in order to have a basis to search the trademarks accurately and achieve the best results.
Example Minh Khue Law's trademark is a standard trademark, in group 45:
Tra cứu nhãn hiệu, tra cứu thương hiệu, tra cứu logo công ty
Trademark searching, brand searching and company logo searching
Step 3: Preliminary trademark search
After completing the above two steps, the owner of the trademark or authorized person carries out preliminary trademark search to check for duplication, similarly, confusing on the website of Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property, this search is usually only 60% accurate, because there are a number of newly registered trademarks or in the process of formality examination, the publication of the Official Gazette cannot be properly searched. At this time, the client needs to search trademarks in depth to meet the highest accuracy rate.
Step 4: Advanced trademark search
This step only applies to cases where customers need to use trademark search services of service providers in order to answer questions, appraise, evaluate the ability to distinguish with the rate of the successful registration of trademarks up to 98%.
3. Service Cost of trademark search
A trademark search can be done in two ways, including:
- If only conducting a preliminary search of trademarks on the website of Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property with the advantage of being completely free, but the disadvantage is not to search accurately, the accuracy rate not high.
- If conducting procedures to trademarks through advanced search methods, it is necessary to search through an industrial property representative organization which has been licensed to operate with many experiences in trademark searching. The advantage of this search method is the high accuracy rate of 98%, the possibility to register protection successfully is greater. The downside is the loss of service fees for the Industrial Property Representative Organization.
Minh Khue Law Company Limited is one of the units that has been granted a legal certificate by the National Office of Intellectual Property to act as an industrial property representative organization, so we provide trademark search services for clients at a cost: 500.000 VND for one product/service group (in a product/service group, there are 06 products/services).
4. Brand lookup service, brand lookup, look up company logo of Minh Khue Law
Minh Khue Law provides trademark search service for clients nationwide, including foreign clients, we carry out both methods of trademark search, preliminary and advanced search, depending on clients needs. Our services include:
- Counsel on the regulations of law, the actual status of benefits of trademark search;
- Counsel and guide clients to design trademark in accordance with the product/service group intended to register;
- Advising on the provisions of the current law on determining what is a duplicate, similar or confusing trademark/brand/logo;
- Guiding clients or implementing preliminary trademark search procedures at the request of clients;
- Performing an advanced search of the trademark for clients;
- Notify the search result for clients to have a basis to adjust, modify, supplement the trademark design accordingly;
- Provide trademark protection registration service with the most reasonable cost for clients.
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- Prestigious quality copyright registration service protects the highest customer rights.
Or clients can use the full package service of Minh Khue on trademark registration for the protection at a cost that includes the state fee and the fee for granting the protection certificate is 3.360.000 VND/ trademark (for 01 group with 06 products/services).
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