When an individual has just started to set up an individual business household or enterprise to do business does not know why he/she must register a bar code? What is a barcode? Benefits of barcode registration? What are documents, orders and procedures for registering codes and bar codes?
As one of the leading organization in consulting legal regulations and providing registration services for codes and bar codes in Vietnam - Minh Khue Law Firm receives dossiers and documents to carry out the registration barcode procedures for clients in the quickest and most accurate way with the most reasonable cost for clients.

1. Consultancy on the registration procedure for Barcode

1.1. What is a barcode?
Based on the provisions of the current law, there are some concepts that you need to clarify to understand more about Barcode, codes, specifically as follows:
- Code is a sequence of digits used to identify items, places and organizations.
- Barcodes are interpreted as a series of parallel dark lines and alternating gaps to represent codes so that the scanner can be read.
Advice on procedures for registration of codes and bar codes and service of code and bar code registration
In particular, some other concepts that clients also need to know, that is:
- "EAN" is the name of the international barcode number organization (MSMV) before February 2005. "EAN code" is the standard code set by the international barcode number organization for general application worldwide.
- "GS1" is the name of the organization of international barcode codes from February 2005 up to now.
- "Country code" is the first three-digit number allocated by GS1 to member countries. The country code for Vietnam is 893.
- "Business code" is a series of numbers that includes the country code and the organization or business identification number, including the next four to seven numbers.
- "Item code" is a sequence of three to five subsequent numbers of codes. The last number on the series of numbers is the check number.
Advice on procedures for registration of codes and bar codes and service of code and bar code registration
1.2. Benefits of registering Barcode codes
We encourage clients to register barcodes for their products and goods. Because, when registering a barcode, clients will have the following benefits:
- Manage their goods and products more quickly and efficiently;
- Achieve higher productivity - save costs because of identifying products by machines, equipment, limiting manual labor, without using a lot of labor, managing the quantity of goods exported and imported more quickly, saving audit time, achieving higher productivity;
- Higher accuracy when managing products and goods through barcodes, checking with machine equipment, limiting the risk of mistaking products together when using human resources as workers;
- Check product information quickly, accurately, satisfy clients, bring trust to clients when using their products / goods, serve the sale of products, product exchange is better and more automatic.
1.3. Application dossier for code and bar code registration
Dossiers of registration for use of barcode include 02 sets, specifically as follows:
- Registration form for using barcode and code according to the form issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology nationwide;
- Certified copy of Business Registration Certificate for enterprise or certified copy of Establishment Decision for other organizations (if only have an uncertified copy, please provide the original for comparison);
- Table of registration of product categories using GTIN according to the form issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology nationwide.
1.4. Procedures for code and barcode registration
Step 1: Prepare documents to register using barcode
Step 2: Submit application for registration and use of barcodes at the General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality
Step 3: General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality receives the application file for using barcode
Step 4: General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality evaluates dossiers and grants the right to use Barcode codes if the dossiers are valid. In case, the application is not valid, the competent authority will guide the enterprise to amend and supplement to complete the dossier.
Step 5: The agency that received registration documents for using barcode codes will guide the use of barcode.
1.5. Time limit for barcode registration
According to the provisions of the current law, within 03 working days from the date of receiving the complete dossier from the organization receiving the dossier, the General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control evaluates the dossier:
- If the application is valid, the General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality will issue a certificate of the right to use the barcode number;
- If the application is not valid, the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality will inform the enterprise / organization to complete it.
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2. Minh Khue Law's service of code and bar code registration

2.1. Services of code and bar code registration provided by Minh Khue Law Firm

Minh Khue Law Firm provides barcode registration service for clients using the service, we provide the following services:

- Base on the provisions of the current law to advise and guide clients to choose the type of code and bar code in accordance with the number and scale of the intended registration of the business/organization/household business ;

- Advise and guide clients to complete registration documents for using barcode codes;

- Prepare and complete documents in the application file for registration of bar codes when clients request;

- Advising and providing detailed instructions to customers on the order and procedures for submitting applications and receiving results of registration of barcode codes at competent state agencies;

- Representing/on behalf of clients conducting the submission of documents and receiving results of code and bar code registration at a competent state agency, handing over the original certificate of bar code registration to clients;

- Advising and guiding clients on legal issues related to handling violations of competent state agencies when carrying out procedures for registration of bar codes;

- Consult and support clients with relevant legal issues after being granted a bar code registration certificate and in the process of using barcode codes.

2.2. How to contact to request to use barcode registration service

The first way: Call the call center 1900.6162 >> to connect to the Intellectual Property Department for advice and direct quote for the code registration service that customers are planning register to use.

Second way: Call to phone number: 1900.6162 (Meet Lawyer: To Thi Phuong Dzung) for advice and provide information about the most professional service of registration of barcode codes.

The third way: Send a request to register using a bar code number on email service: [email protected]. Our team of experienced lawyers and consultants in the field of Intellectual Property will analyze and advise in detail and send detailed quotation according to your requirements.

3. Why should I use the code registration service of Minh Khue Law Firm?

- A team of lawyers, legal consultants, experts in the field of intellectual property with high expertise, extensive experience in providing intellectual property services, including registration services for code and bar code;

- With many years of experience and operation of code and bar code registration, Minh Khue Law Firm has successfully registered thousands of barcodes and codes with the following criteria: fast - efficient - reasonable cost for all clients;

- We provide the service of registration of bar code for customers in the package, customers just need to provide full information, relevant documents, the remaining issues we will implement, you only need to receive results.

- Commitment not to charge any additional costs of the customer when completing the registration code and bar code at a competent state agency.

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