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Contents of legal consultancy services on intellectual property in Vietnam, including but not limited to the following contents:

(i) Research and consultancy on the establishment of legal basis for the protection of intellectual property right at home and abroad: (1) industrial property rights with respect to: inventions; Industrial Designs; integrated circuit layout design; Brand; Tradenames; Geographical Indications; Business Secrets; Varieties of plants and animals, the right against unfair competition; National domain names, international, and (2) Copyright and related rights.

(ii) Consultancy on the right to registration, evaluation, examination of the possibility of protection, selection, registration, monitoring, supplementation, explanation, appraisal, confidentiality and appeal against the protection of rights. Activities of amending, maintaining, extending, terminating or canceling the validity of the protection;

(iii) Legal consultancy on the organization, selection, issuance and exercise of rights to transfer, transfer, franchise, valuation, management of commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights;

(iv) Advise and support the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, surveillance, investigation, prevention of infringements, resolution of complaints of infringement, unfair competition and protection objects of intellectual property;

(v) Initiate lawsuits by civil or administrative measures, requesting import and export control of acts of infringement of intellectual property rights;

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Translated from: Dịch vụ tư vấn pháp luật sở hữu trí tuệ

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