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Our team conducts the process of providing mergers and acquisitions service through the following steps:

1. Formulating a strategy for the merger of the company and selection of the merged entity;
2. Survey and evaluation;
3. Valuations of companies;
4. Building structure and negotiating contracts;
5. To carry out legal procedures for the mergers and acquisitions of enterprises;
Formulate corporate merger strategies and select merger target
In line with the organization's commitment to the purpose of mergers and acquisitions, establishing the business conditions that are expected after the merger, we will assist investors in developing the program and the specific plan for the merger, identify merger selection criteria, the list of potential merging companies, and the selection made on the basis of the criteria regulations.
Research evaluation

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During the research, our team will conduct the investigation and evaluation of all relevant information that could affect the merger and acquisition process, including: Estimating the cost and expected profit, identifying strategic positions in merger and acquisition negotiations, assessing the leadership of both parties, examining company culture, identifying strengths company resources. We will identify opportunities for cost savings, and the risks inherent in the process. Our final goal in this step is to evaluate all components of the asset inventory and to provide a variety of possible solutions to solving the problems of profitability, cost, and programs of resource allocation after the merger and acquisition process ends.
Valuation company
Investors would like to determine the offer price and maximum ceiling price that the investor can accept for the merger or acquisition, our team of experts will conduct research and analyzes to bring out the value of the merged company, taking into account the supporting factors potentially beneficial to both companies (mergers and acquisitions) arising from the merger.
Structuring and negotiating contracts
During this phase, our team of experts will advise the organization on the structure of the merger contract to suit the chosen targets, achieve financial goals and business requirements of the organization's strategy. In addition, the organization is also advised in the process of negotiating contracts with mergers.
To carry out legal procedures for mergers and acquisitions
This is the last and important step to complete the procedure of merger and acquisition business in accordance with the law and the will of the parties. During this period our consultants will counsel and implement legal procedures quickly to get a change of business registration that will help your company move quickly into production and business activities.

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