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1. Consultancy on legal provisions on division of enterprises:

- Procedures for meetings of the General Meeting of Shareholders/Board of Members to approve the division of enterprises;

- Principles and procedures for dividing the company's assets;
- Labour plan;
- The time limit and procedures for conversion of the company's shares, shares and bonds are divided into new companies;
- Principles for settling the obligations of the divided company, the duration of division of the company.
- Counseling the content of the Charter of the newly established company;
- Counseling the termination of the existence of the divided company;
- Advising on issues relating to the internal affairs of the enterprise (model and organizational structure, mode of operation and operation, the relationship between managerial positions, rights and obligations of members/east, proportion and method of capital contribution, other related contents).
- Completing the dossier for the establishment of an enterprise, including: Consulting and reimbursement of Minutes of the founding members before the establishment of the enterprise; Application for business registration of the establishment of the enterprise; shareholder/shareholder list, letter of authorization to establish enterprise, other related documents.
2. Perform the tasks under authorization
Minh Khue Law Firm will perform the work under the authorization of the customer at the competent State agencies to register the establishment of new business upon request. Contents of work to be performed:
- Representing customers to submit, withdraw and receive business registration dossiers at business registration bureaus;
- Monitoring the processing and notification of the submitted dossiers;
- Obtain business registration certificate;
- Get a company seal;
- Submit the Notification of the seal sample at the Business Registration Office
- Carrying out procedures for tax code registration and import/export function for the enterprise.
3. Consultancy on post-establishment of enterprises formed by division of companies:
Minh Khue Law Firm will assist and advise on the following issues:
- Business start-up consultancy (tasks to be done by a new enterprise, initial unified branding ...);
- Provide legal documents as required (via email);
- Drafting internal documents of the enterprise, including: charter, minutes of contribution of capital to set up the company, election of the chairman, appointment of representative at law, appointment of director, decision on appointment of accountant Chief, Share Certificate, Shareholder's Book, Notice of shareholder book, etc.;
- Guide and support issues related to tax and accounting in the initial period after the establishment.

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