- The financial management regulations of Minh Khue Law Firm provide a legal basis based on the following documents:

+ Law on Enterprise 2014 and its guiding documents.

+ Accounting Law 2015 and its guiding documents

+ And current tax law documents

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- The financial management regulation is also based on the internal factors of the enterprise:

+ The charter of the enterprise;

+ Regulation on management organization and executive relations of enterprises;
+ Specific business lines and sectors and specific factors of each enterprise;

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- Main contents of the financial regulation of the enterprise:
1. Regulation on capital and assets
1.1 Capital of the Company means the capital used for production and business activities, including:
- Charter capital
- Capital mobilized
- Capital received
- Loans
- Capital accumulation
- Other capital
1.2 Assets: Composed of fixed assets and current assets.
2. Management principles in the Company
2.1. The Board of Directors control the company to develop plans, organizes and monitors the targets, revenues, costs and costs of products and services with the ultimate goal is the business efficiency.
2.2. The managerial level of the production and business unit must accurately and fully calculate the business expenses, thus ensuring that these expenses shall be covered by the turnover while the production and business activities must be efficiently effected.
2.3. The management of the Company is fully responsible to the law for the legality of revenues, expenses and business results within the scope of its decision.
3. Management on the cost of products
3.1. The Company's expenses include expenses for production and business activities and other operating expenses.
- Expenses for business activities include:
a. Cost of raw materials, fuels, motives: (referred to as expenses for materials). This cost is managed on the basis of: consumption of materials and cost of materials.
+ Consumption expense:
* The General Director approves the standard material consumption for each specific and necessary commodity line.
* The management level of the company must plan the organization, inspection and improvement of the stages: reserve, supply, use and identification of materials, settlement and reconciliation of consumed materials with norm of the consumption must according to the production and business process.
+ Price of supplies:
* The management level of the company must ensure that the purchase price is the actual price of the market on the basis of two factors: quality and reasonable.
b. Expenditures: The costs incurred and the effects on many business cycles must be aggregated and allocated according to their nature and characteristics, without rampant distribution or arbitrary transfer. false positives or false positives.
c. Fixed asset plan costs: apply the depreciation level according to the current regulations, taking into account the capital reimbursement and reinvestment factor.
d. Expenses for wages and salary allowances.
* The director of the company shall approve the norms of salary fund, wage unit price and labor distribution.
* This cost must be strictly managed and constantly improve the norm to suit the actual situation, becoming the real economic leverage for the workers.
e. Social Insurance, Health Insurance and Trade Union expenses: comply with current legislation.
f. Costs of outsourced services and other monetary expenses:
* All levels of management must make cost estimates in accordance with the promulgated procedures and be approved by the higher levels of management before implementation.
* All levels of management must control these costs on the basis of: reasonable, thrifty and quality.
- Other operating expenses include financial expenses and extraordinary operating expenses which are managed in accordance with the applicable law.
3.2. Calculate the price of the product:
* All arising expenses must be transferred to products and services produced and consumed in the fiscal year in order to determine the efficiency of production and business.
* The management level of the company must develop the plan and check the cost in the scope of production and business management. At the same time, we always find ways to lower the cost of products on the basis of ensuring and improving the quality of products and services of their units.
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