Land relationship is considered as a complex legal relationship compared to other legal relationships in Vietnam. In order to ensure the legal rights and benefits of the clients, Minh Khue Law Firm supplies the legal consulting services related to land law as follows:

In addition to legal consulting services the field of land law, Minh Khue Law Firm also provide online legal consulting services on land law via hotline 1900.6162 to settle the legal issues such as land use right certificate grant, land transfer, land donation, land disputes and so on. The demanding clients can contact us directly.

1. Consultancy on contract form

- Give instruction to draft house sales contract which is in comply with the legal regulation and fulfill all required contents.

- Give consultancy of finalizing the contract and ensuring the contract’s effectiveness.

2. Consultancy on the parties’ rights and obligations:

- Provisions on house transfer and receiving

- Provisions on money transfer and transfer methods to ensure the amount of money and avoid risks;

- Consultancy on sales procedures and housing legalization on time and in comply with legal procedures

- Consultancy on measures to ensure the buyer’s payment obligations

- Ownership restrictions of buyers and sellers

- Provisions on house preservation while waiting for delivery

- Provisions on house transfer procedures and documents

- Other house sales procedures as regulated by law

2.1 Consultancy on the buyers’ rights and obligations:

- Consultancy on requesting the seller to transfe the house and documents on time

- Consultancy on payment methods to ensure safety and full amount

- Consultancy on cooperating with the sellers to finish ownership transfer

3. Consultancy on the contract contents

- Consultancy on the contents to be stated in the contract

- Consultancy on payment method and house transfer obligation

- Consultancy on payment and delivery schedule

- Consultancy on the parties’ rights and obligations

- Consultancy on the regulations on the responsibility of the offending party

- Consultancy on ineffective contract

- Consultancy on fine of contract violation;

- Consultancy on drafting the Annex;

4. . Consultancy on contract revision, termination and cancelling

- Consultancy on legal provisions of contract revises.

- Consultancy on revising the contract: in case of no witnesses, witnesses, notarization and notarization

- Consultancy on the contract termination and cancelling in accordance with law

- Consultancy on the contract termination and cancelling to protect the parties’ benefits.

5. Consultancy on iniciating a lawsuit to protect the parties’ rights in contractual relations:

- Consultancy on lawsuit forms to protect their interests;

- Consultancy on preparing petition and lawsuit procedures;

- Be representative to make a complaint and protect the clients’ interests before the competent authorities;

Translated from: vấn pháp luật đất đai