Types of cosmetic products must be announced circulation of cosmetic products:

- Cream, emulsion, milk, gel or oil applied to the skin (hands, face, legs, ...);
- Masks (except chemistry-based skinning products);
- Colored coatings (liquid, paste, powder);
- Make up powders, bath powders, cleaning powders, etc .;
- Bath soap, deodorant soap ...;
- Perfume, cleaning water, ...;
- Products for bathing or shampooing (salts, soaps, oils, gels, ...)
- Long-term bleaching products;
- Deodorant and anti-odor;

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- Hair care products: (Hair dye and bleaching, hair curler, hair extension, hair styling, hair styling products, cleaning products (milk, powder, shampoo), Products Nutrition for hair (milk, cream, oil), hair styling products (milk, hairspray, wax).
- Products for shaving (cream, soap, milk, ...);
- Makeup and make-up remover for face and eyes;
- Products for the lips;
- Products for dental and oral care;
- Products used to care and adorn the nails.
- Products for external hygiene;
- Sun protection products;
- Self-Tanning products;
- Skin whitening products;
- Anti-wrinkle products;
- Other products;
Conditions for enterprises to announce the promulgation of cosmetic products:
Organizations and individuals named in the dossiers of the announcement of cosmetics must have business registration certificates, which include the function of trading in cosmetics.
Requirements for dossiers of the announcement of cosmetic products:
- 01 notarized copy of the business registration certificate or investment license.
- The language presented in the publication must be in Vietnamese and/or English.
- Each cosmetic product is submitted in 03 copies.
- In the following cases, cosmetic products are allowed to be published in the same publication:
+ Products are listed under the generic name and sold as a set of products,
+ Products with a similar formula but with different colors or odors
+ Different products but packaged in the same package as a packing unit
+ Other forms will be decided by the Drug Administration of Vietnam based on the decision of the ASEAN Cosmetic Committee.
- When there is a change in the contents already announced, the organization or individual must re-publicize it to the Vietnam Drug Administration.
Duration of the number of dossiers received publicize the quality standards of cosmetics
The number of dossiers for publication of cosmetic quality standards is valid for 03 years. Organizations and individuals must re-announce the publication at least 01 month before the number of dossiers to be announced expires.
Services of Minh Khue Law Firm
In order to help businesses minimize costs and time involved, Minh Khue Law provides clients with legal services Announced the circulation of cosmetic products specifically:
- Advising on legal issues before implementing procedures for announcing circulation of cosmetic products;
- Assisting enterprises in preparing dossiers related to the circulation of cosmetic products;
- Draft legal documents related;
- To represent enterprises in carrying out the procedures for announcing the circulation of cosmetic products at competent state agencies.

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