Our lawyers have represented many clients as buyers, lenders, or supported clients in large-scale transactions for transport vehicles, plants, High-tech and industrial equipments. Our lawyers and consultants have extensive knowledge of the current laws that affect large equipment leasing transactions and financial transactions in Vietnam.

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Banking consultancy

Our lawyers are specialized in Banking and Finance, representing both credit institutions and businesses wishing to borrow on all aspects of loan transactions. The transactions that we provide consultancy include bank loans and credit loans (from unsecured short-term loans to international loans with the participation of various systems laws), loan agreements, aggregate loans, and especially loan terms, loan settlements, letters of credit and/or borrowings for biding. We also represent credit institutions as senior lenders of members, sellers, or buyers of participants and transferee or transferor of direct interest loan.​ At the same time, our lawyers support and advise clients on documents related to loan transactions, trade and exchange transactions, and the preparation of documents.​

We advise credit institutions (commercial banks, investment banks, securities companies, insurance companies, etc.) and businesses in all aspects of banking, finance, and insurance, and other legislation, as well as trade issues at the local and national levels.

Translated from: Dịch vụ tư vấn Tài chính, ngân hàng

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