According to the Circular No. 11/2015/TT-BXD, the requirements of the establishment of real estate exchange are:

a) Organizations and individuals that set up real estate exchange must establish enterprises;
b) Real estate exchange must have at least 02 persons possessing real estate brokerage practice certificates;
c) Managers of real estate exchange must have real estate brokerage practice certificates;
d) The real estate exchange must have its operation regulation, name and transaction address stable over 12 months. If there is any change, the Department of Construction and the client must be notified about the change;
e) The real estate exchange must have an area of at least 50 m2 and technical equipment to meet the operation requirements.
To let clients know the steps of implementing, Minh Khue Law Firm would like to provide information on the process of drafting regulations of Real estate trading floor:

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Step 1: Exchange information and requirements.
Step 2: Professional division of Minh Khue Law Firm joins with leaders of the company to:

- Collect basic information about the business;

- Learn about the current management of the business;
- Find out the problems that have been encountered at the enterprise;
- Understand the development orientation of the business in the coming time.
Step 3: Minh Khue Law Firm researches and develops the organization chart of the trading floor to suit the scale as well as the direction of development in the coming time.
Step 4: Minh Khue Law Firm invited business leaders to attend the seminar to select the organizational structure of the company
Step 5: Based on the agreed layout, MKLAW FIRM drafts the regulations
Step 6: Ask for opinions of the company's leaders in each term of each regulation, either via a questionnaire or holding a meeting at our office.
Step 7: Based on the comments of the company leaders, MKLAW FIRM drafts the second draft.
Step 8: Ask for the second opinion of the Board of Management.
Step 9: MKLAW FIRM completed and handed over, product was handed over the regulation of printing on good paper and email containing the entire contents of contractual regulations between the two parties.

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