1. The procedure of providing consultancy services of establishment of a company:

- Immediately after receiving the requirements of clients on the selection of the type of enterprise intended to establish, Minh Khue Law Firm will send the basic information on: Price list of establishment of the company; Draft contract; Establishment process for clients;

- Clients provide information according to request form provided by MKLAW FIRM;

- Minh Khue Law Firm will send a letter of advice directly via email about the legal information provided by the client;

- After agreeing on the basic content of the establishment of the company. We will schedule meetings with consultants directly at the office or at your request;

- Draft the dossier of an establishment according to clients' requirements;

- The employees shall carry out the procedures as prescribed in the signed two-party contract;

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2. Documents client needs to provide:

- A notarized copy of the identity card or passport of the founding shareholders;

- A notarized of copy the business registration certificate if the founding shareholder is a company;

- The practicing certificate (if enterprises conduct business in a conditional field);

- Confirmation of the deposit of the bank (if the enterprise trades business requirements legal capital);

3. Components and number of dossiers:

a / Components of the dossier, including:

1. Request form for enterprise registration.

2. Draft Charter of the Company;

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3. List of founding shareholders;

4. Valid copy of one of the authentication papers:

- Valid ID card or passport valid for individuals;

- Certificate of business registration for the organization (except for organizations being Ministry/People's Committee of province/city and enclosed with personal identification papers, authorization decision of the authorized representative of the group officials;

5. Other papers if having conditional business registration:

- A written certification of legal capital by competent agencies or organizations (for enterprises conducting lines of business for which legal capital is required by law).

- A valid copy of the practicing certificate of the director/general director and/or other individuals in accordance with the specialized law.

6. Letter of authority of the person submitting the application file in case the applicant is not the legal representative of the registered enterprise.

b) Number of dossiers: 01 (sets)

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4. Get and return results:
Employees of MKLAW FIRM will receive the results of processing the dossier, the person to receive the results must produce the original identity card or passport (valid) for comparison. If it is not the legal representative of the registered enterprise, there must be a letter of introduction or a Letter of authority in accordance with the provisions of the law to the person who receives the result.

Translated from: Tư vấn thành lập công ty cổ phần tại Hà Nội

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