In recent times, a series of debt collection companies have been handled by the law for violating the law, such as disturbing public order, detaining illegal people, take over property by violation, etc., thus, make businesses with "bad debt" more worry, and make it more difficult to recover bad debts.

Deeply aware of difficulties of enterprises in dealing with bad debts, Minh Khue Law Firm provides "Debt Consultancy Services" for enterprises with a team of lawyers, experts in law and business finance who have extensive experience in the field of legal consultancy and settlement of disputes related to bad debts for enterprises and banks.

At the Minh Khue Law Firm, the enterprise will be advised by our lawyers, guided legal procedures in order to get solutions to prevent and handle the debts arising in production and business activities of enterprises.

Minh Khue Law Firm is really a safe and effective solution to solve "bad debts" issue for businesses, credit organizations.

Procedure for receiving and handling bad debt case files:

When a client requests Minh Khue Law Firm to handle a bad debt => the case file is handled through the following basic steps:

Step 1. Receive client's files, listen to client presenting requirements, study the debt file, discuss with client the nature and legal value of debt, outline preliminary steps, complete the evidence and documents to reinforce the legal value of the debt file;

Step 2. Research and verify the Debtors: includes information related to the head office, managerial position for the organization, financial capacity (asset, debt), debtor's view of the debt, debtor's economic activities, relationships, debtor's partners.

Step 3. Negotiation: The lawyer works directly or informs the debtor's leader or responsible person to negotiate a settlement.

Step 4. Initiate lawsuits or coordinate with other competent agencies for settlement (in case of unsuccessful negotiations). During this period the lawyer will represent the client working with the authorities, legal proceedings to settle debts. However, at this stage the lawyer can still coordinate with the negotiation to settle debts.

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Step 5. Execution of legally enforceable judgments or decisions of the Court: During this period, the lawyer will work with the debtor to request the execution of the judgment. In case the debtor fails to perform the lawyer, he/she will request the judgment execution body to execute the judgment or decision of the court.

The division of debt treatment periods above is the only relative, often the activities described in the above steps need to be flexible and coordinated with each other to achieve the highest efficiency.

Translated from: Tư vấn xử lý nợ cho doanh nghiệp

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