No.: 225/QD-TCHQ


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Hanoi, February 09, 2011



On promulgating the Declaration of Customer Service



            Based on the Customs Law of June 29, 2011 and Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Customs Law in 2005;

            Based on the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants in 2008;

            Based on the Decision No. 02/2010/QD-TTg of January 15, 2010 of the Government prescribing functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the General Department of Customs under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance;

            At the proposal of Department Director of Cadres Organization;




            Article 1: This decision is promulgated in parallel with “the Declaration of Customer Service” of the General Department of Customs.

            Article 2: The decision comes into effect since March 01, 2011.

            Article 3: The Office’s chief of the General Department, Heads of units belonging and under the leadership of the General Department of Customs take responsibilities for implementation of this decision./.


Delivered to:

- Article 3;

- Ministry of Finance (to report);

- Leaders of the General Department of Customs          (to lead);

- Archived: VT, GSQL (3b)



(signed & sealed) 



Nguyen Ngoc Tuc




            “The Declaration of Customer Service” shows the Customs commitment to the social community of creating favorable conditions and meeting State managerial requirements for Customs in the activities of international trade, investment and tourism.

            I- Action Motto:


            II- Commitments of Vietnam Customs:

            1. Common commitments:


            - Enthusiastic, dedicated to the work; qualify the profession, solve the work in accordance with the process and procedures as regulated; civilized and polite in every action and behavior


            - Establish a system of customs procedures in accordance with international standards and practices;

            - Receive fully, respond promptly and handle efficiently the suggestions, complaints from customers;

            - Implement mechanisms ensuring the customer monitor to professional actions of customs.


            - Reduce time to check goods in fact, minimize administrative expenses and time to go through the border gate.

            - Meet State managerial requirements for Customs and manage the abeyance of customs law efficiently.

            2.    Detailed commitments:

            a. Time period to receive and register the customs declaration:

            - No later than 30 minutes from receiving the declaration, the customs officer must complete the receipt, inspection, and register (except for complicated declarations with more than 10 goods items); or respond by the requested form of profession in case the declaration is not accepted or the dossier needs to be amended, supplemented.

            b. Time period to solve free-duty dossiers:

            - Within 10 working days since receiving the free-duty dossiers fully and legally, the Customs office implements the tax exemption for organizations and individuals.

            c. Time period to respond and handle troubles:

            - No later than 05 working days since receiving the written requirement for response and handle customer troubles, the Customs office must have official Letter in response.

            - In case the problems are not under the authority: within 05 working days, the customs office must request for introductions from the authorized agencies, at the same time inform the customers. Within 03 working days since receiving the introductions, the customs office must have the official letter to respond the customers.

            d. Time period to deal with complaints, denunciations:

            - Implement as regulated in the Law on Complaints and Denunciations

            III- Expectations from customers:

            - Master and obey the law on customs;

            - Implement the customs declaration truthfully and accurately;

            - Implement the tax duties as regulated in the law;

            - Do not behave negatively;

            - Be willing to cooperate with the Customs office;

            - Respond to the policies on improve, modernize the customs work;

            -  Contribute ideas so that the customs office improves service quality.

            IV- Contact, feedback:

            - In case there is any problem relating to complaints or feedback of customs, customers can follow the methods:

            + Send email to the Customs office:

            + Send letters or go to work at the address: The General Department of Customs – 162, Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien district, Hanoi.

            - Organizations and individuals can help to protect community by notifying smuggling and tax evasion according to the phone number of hotline: 04 38722828;

            - Contact information: Organizations and individuals can know more about the policies and activities of Vietnam Customs at the website:; Vietnam Customs newspaper.

(*) “Customers”: Agencies, enterprises and civilians.