Domains are often associated with the name of the company or brand of the business. At the same time, domain names are unique and are given priority for those who register in advance.

Why should you register a domain?

If in the real world, to find a home we must remember the address, in the internet world, it's also the same. For customers to find you or your business, they must remember the domain name. In other words, the domain name is the "home address" of the business in the information technology era.

However, when the domain is active on the network, it must meet a very important criterion that is unique. And this is the origin of the domain name dispute.

It is not pleasant when you or your company conducts domain registration and find out that this domain has been used by another entity. This is pretty straightforward since the domain name is unique while your competitors in the same field are countless. It may also be a tactic of your opponent in order to make it difficult for your business and marketing plan on the internet.

For any reason, we are sure that you or your business do not want that to happen.

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Why do not we eliminate those problems when we can?

Maybe you assume that today the registration of a domain name is quite easy and your business can "do it yourself". However, you must be aware that registration to establish domain name rights is only a prerequisite for protecting your "online brand". Addressing post-registration troubles is a complex issue that not every business can handle on its own. One of the troubles is to reclaim the domain name when your opponent "borrows" it without your permission. In fact, domain name theft is a common occurrence is becoming more and more sophisticated, and so it's hard to get the "virtual real estate" back from these stubborn thieves. There is no effective support from a reputable lawyer.

Therefore, come to Minh Khue Law Firm to make these challenges become opportunities for yourself or the business you are sticking to. With long experience in the field of intellectual property and professional lawyers, Minh Khue Law Firm has consulted, registered as well as reclaimed domain names for many organizations, individuals and enterprises inside and outside Vietnam.

CIS currently provides all types of Vietnamese and international domain names, come to Minh Khue Law Firm and you will enjoy the following services:

- Domain name registration contract signed between Minh Khue Law Firm and client;

- Counsel and select the most appropriate domain name;

- Change the domain name quickly and easily.

- Provide the most appropriate solution when your rights are violated;

- Reclaim the domain name when your competitor occupies the domain name

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