To ensure the sustainable development of business operations, the exclusive trademark registration is one of the prerequisites. Minh Khue law firm provides the consulting services and conducts all procedures of trademark registration for all organizations, individuals and enterprises in Vietnam:

1. Basic requirements of the trademarks:

Trademarks are considered as a signal to distinguish the goods or services to others. They can be expressed in words, pictures or a combination of these factors, are represented by one or more colors. Therefore, they must ensure the following elements

  • Trademark (Logo) mus have clear lines and texture;
  • The maximum size is 8 x 8 cm;
  • It can be printed in white and black color
  • A trademark can be combined by three key elements: picture, text and slogans;

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2. Trademark registration procedures:

Trademark registration application forms are settled at the Bureau of intellectual property in the following orders:

2.1 Application verification

The application erification is to assess the validity in the terms of form, subject of exclusion, application right in order to make conclusion on the application’s validity or invalidity. Formal verification period is 1 month from the date of application submission.

2.2 Announcement of valid application:

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The valid trademark registration application will be posted in Industrial Property Report within 2 months from the verification date. The reported contents are the information related to the valid application form, ie. Valid application, sample labels and categories of goods and attachedservices.

2.3 Content verification

The trademark registration application been recognized as a basis to assess the possibility of granting the trademark registration certificates to the applicants. The verification period is 9 months from the date of submission.

3. Consulting services on trademark registration:

Step 1: Consult and search for trademarks

- Search for registration capacity in Vietnam and abroad. As soon as the clients provide the standard trademarks, Minh Khue Law Firm will consider the trademark protection posibilities. The preliminary results will be the basis for trademark registration in Vietnam and abroad.
- Consult the selection and use of trademarks: For those trademarks with no registration posibilities or low registration posibilities, we will give consultancy on changing the trademarks to increase registration posibilities as well as consult and warn the clients on legal risks if the clients continue to use patent trademark.

Step 2: Implement trademarks registration procedures and related rights:

- Be representative in implementing the trademarks registration procedures in Intellectual Property Department to apply trademarks, make the amendment, extent trademark protection in Vietnam and abroad;

- Enforce the protected trademark rights by investigating, monitoring, negotiating, mediating, iniciating lawsuits at court or requesting other authorized bodies to settle infringements in Vietnam and abroad;

- Negotiate, draft, evaluate and register the trademarks ownership transfer in Vietnam and abroad;

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- Consult the branding strategy.

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