In addition, a business that wants to survive and develop in the long run needs to develop a unified financial mechanism that is appropriate to the size and model of the company. The financial plan should also be developed in detail as well as overall. With financial management consulting services of MKLAW FIRM, we remove obstacles in the operation of the business including the regulation of organization management and operating relations, financial planning, capital mobilization.

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Services of Minh Khue Law Firm:

- Set up a system of financial management regulations in a single enterprise or parent company model;
- Advising financial management mechanism for each business unit;
- Develop a comprehensive and detailed financial plan;
- Consultancy to develop the overall and detailed financial plan;
- Advising on capital mobilization for enterprises: using financial instruments such as issuing shares, bonds and other debt instruments;
Consultancy services for the construction of regulations of Minh Khue Law Firm:
- Consultancy on formulation of regulations on organization of management and administration;
- Advising on the development of regulations of the Board of Directors;
- Advising the Board of Directors;
- Advising on the establishment of the Supervisory Board;
- Counseling the development of human resource management, salary, bonus;
- Counseling the development of regulations on administrative and information management;
- Consultancy to develop financial and accounting regulations.
The process of consultancy on regulation development of Minh Khue Law Firm:
- Analyzing and assessing the current status of the management model of the enterprise, advising on the selection of organizational management models suitable to the size and organizational structure of the enterprise and the characteristics of the enterprise;
- Analysis of the functions of each department, divisions, units;
- Building executive relations within the enterprise, including managerial positions and relationships between departments and subordinate units;
- Develop the processes and procedures in the company in different areas: such as paperwork and administrative documents, financial procedures and documents.
- Build direct and indirect relationships between managers and employees in each department.
We ensure the uniformity and legality of the code has been consulted and built for customers.

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