We not only counsel clients on the law but also find out how clients can achieve their business goals.

Together with a team of experienced lawyers, we also have a team of business consultants and lawyers not only have good legal background but also with knowledge of business and commitment to this field. This is reflected in a large number of clients using our services when conducting foreign direct investment activities in Vietnam. We have dealt with a lot of legal and business issues that our clients face in the course of their investment in Vietnam, but thanks to our knowledge and legal skills, our clients have been advised on how to solve their issues. Through these practices, our team is known as one of the top choices in the field.

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Lawyer services of foreign investment law consulting:

Together with a team of experienced lawyers, we provide a full range of services in this field to clients who invest in all areas and locations across the country, including industry (production, processing and construction), agriculture, fisheries, and services (Transportation, post and telecommunications, sports & tourism, banking and finance, culture, health education, residential areas, commercial buildings, industrial park infrastructure and export processing zones). Together with a team of experienced lawyers, we provide services for the whole process of foreign direct investment into Vietnam, including:

- Business Ideas and Business Idea Perfecting;
- Monitoring and Evaluation;
- Surveying and updating market/sector information;
- Legal verification partner; location identification and feasibility study;
- Preparation of dossiers of application for investment permission and negotiation assistance;
- Investment registration and assistance in the process of investment evaluation;
- Post-license works;
- Counseling and support activities; and
- Dissolution and liquidation.

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