1. Free legal consultancy via email:

In order to best meet the requirements of clients in all regions of the country, Minh Khue Law Firm always united the policy of free legal consultancy and support service. We provide legal advice on all aspects of life such as civil law consultancy, criminal law consultancy, family law law consultancy, land law consultancy, court dispute consultancy. With a very simple form, clients only need to send questions by email. All questions will be answered by the company's experienced lawyers within 7-15 business days. This service is totally free.

Advantages of Free Legal Advice by Email:

- Simple, easy to implement with everyone;

- Very fast interaction between customer and lawyer;
- Low cost, save maximum time and effort;
- Clients can be anyone, anywhere;
Some disadvantages of this form:

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- Interaction is one-way, sometimes complicated legal issues difficult to find a common voice between lawyers and clients;
- A question may have to be repeated several times to satisfy the client;
- The number of questions received during the day is too large.
Some note when using the form of email counsel of Minh Khue Law Firm:
To ensure the quality of our consultancy, please take note of some of the following issues to create favorable conditions for our lawyers to interact with clients:
+ Questions must be typed in Vietnamese.

+ Questions must have clear content (We do not answer questions unclear, clear, generic ...)

+ Personal issues will be absolutely confidential, specifically: customer name; phone number; email address; Personal address. The content of the question will be used for the purposes of propaganda and dissemination of legal education to the people and posted directly on the website system to ensure that customers can read directly. To avoid leak of personal or corporate information, customers should abbreviate the name or company name to ensure the confidentiality of personal information: For example with a sentence like this "I want to sue An Binh Co., Ltd at 11, Khuong Ha, Ha Noi", you should write: "I want to sue AB company in Hanoi". Please note that with sensitive information clients may require that the lawyer revise the sensitive information.

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In addition, to ensure 24/7 connection between customers and lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm, we also provide legal consultancy services via the hotline: 1900.1962

Copyright policy on usage of the service:

The free consultation emails will be counseled by a team of lawyers, legal consultants of Minh Khue Law Firm (Minh Khue Law pay to provide for free consultancy). All the consultancy content of staff, specialists, lawyers will be checked by Lawyers of Minh Khue Law. In order to ensure the confidentiality of customer information, only the company's lawyers can know the personal details such as customer name/email/phone number/address. The information of the collaborators, legal experts, attorneys received is merely the content of the question (no identification information).

The question after editing will remove all personal information and post it on the website in the form of a situation to help propagate, disseminate and educate the law to the people and minimize the repeat questions on our free consultancy system.

Free legal advice via email is one of the customer gratitude solutions of the Minh Khue Law. We look forward to being a formal, fast and reputable channel for online communities. Copyright of the consultant belongs to Minh Khue Law Firm, We undertake to strictly confidential information of customers. Please direct your comments to the email of the Director: Le Minh Truong ([email protected]) for a review of the content that violates the copyright policy mentioned above. We, listed this policy in the free legal advice Email of the company, customers agree with the policy please send questions if not, please choose the form of payment to content Quick and accurate advice.

2. Legal Counseling Services charges fees and price list for legal advice by email.

Every day we receive 200-300 questions of customers in all regions of the country with a variety of content and difficulty varying degrees. We are committed to answer all your questions or send documents by email the same legal situations for customers to discuss.
However, it comes from the fact that many clients want to pay to receive detailed, specific, accurate and fastest answer or many clients want the lawyer to draft documents, contracts... for the convenience of clients to use in the process.
To meet this requirement, from 01/08/2015 Minh Khue Law officially provide legal consultancy service charges through email with two specific levels as follows (This form does not replace the form of free answer):

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(199.000 VNĐ/01 question)


(500.000 VNĐ/1 question, including draft documents)

Respond time

7 - 15 working days

1-2 working days Only 1 working day
Accuracy Only for reference High validity for use Valid for use immediately
Quality of consultancy lawyer Lawyer with under 2 years experience Lawyer with 2-5 years experience Lawyer with more than 5 years experience
(The above fee does not include 10 VAT for customers wishing to issue invoice)
Payment method:
In a simple way, clients can use internet banking to transfer money directly to the account of Minh Khue Law Firm, or can pay through the Bank Account. Payment methods are recommended and specific instructions if you choose the payment method. If you have any questions about payment please contact us directly through our support number: 043-9916057. We are always ready to support 24/7 requirements of customers.
Online legal consultancy activities of Minh Khue Law Firm:
Youtube video

>> See also:  Law No.17/2008/QH12 dated June 12, 2009 of the National Assembly on promulgation of legal documents

Lawyer Le Minh Truong participated in the 60-minute program on VTV6 - Legal advice on intellectual property
Warranty and after-sales policy:
This is one of the new legal services that Minh Khue law firm first to provide in the legal consulting market in Vietnam. Our commitment:
- Providing quality legal advice to all clients;
- Dedicate and professional service attitude;
- Clients benefits are the number one priority in our service policy;
- Commitment to refund service fee if client complains about the quality (Please send the complaint about the quality of service to our lawyer: Mr. Le Minh Truong, Email: [email protected] to be resolved quickly and promptly).

>> See also:  Circular No. 92/2013/TT-BTC dated July 8, 2013 of the Ministry of Finance defining the financial management regime of the Fund for Assisting Overseas Vietnamese Citizens and Legal Entities

Add: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

Phone to request for legal consultancy service, call: 1900.6162 (Lawyer, Mrs. Dzung)

Online legal consultancy office and appointment for a consultation at the office: 1900.1940

Email: [email protected]

Look forward to cooperation with clients!

Best regards./.