- Advice on the content of complaints, objects and time limit of the complaints;
- Prepare the complaint file;
- On behalf of the customer submitting the complaint file to the National Office of Intellectual Property;
- Monitor the complaint handling process, receive and transfer the results of complaints to clients.
The right to complain about intellectual property
Applicants and all organizations and individuals that have rights and interests directly related to decisions or notices related to the handling of industrial property registration applications issued by the competent agencies shall have the right to appeal to the competent agencies or initiate a lawsuit in court according to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law and relevant law.
Appeal period
First-time complaints shall be submitted within 90 days since the date the complainants receive or know the decisions or notices on the handling of industrial property registration applications;
A second complaint shall be 30 days since the expiry date of the time limit for the first settlement of the complaint, which has not been settled or since the date the complainants receive or knows the decision to settle the first complaint.
General requirements for complaint dossiers
Complaints must be made in writing, clearly stating the full name and address of the complainant; number, date of signature, content of the notice or decision subject to complaint; Complaint content, arguments, evidence of the complaint; Specific recommendations on the repair or cancellation of the notice or decision.
Patent Appeal Service:
In order to timely protect intellectual property rights of customers, Minh Khue Law Firm provides patent appeal service with the infringing objects of intellectual property rights of clients being protected by law.
With a complete and up-to-date intellectual property information system, we can promptly detect potential infringers of our intellectual property. In addition, based on the information provided by our clients, we can investigate and verify the most possible violations, so as to promptly notify the NOIP in order to decide to refuse to award diplomas or decisions on protection related to the above objects.
Appeal the protection of client interests is also a useful source of information for the assessment of intellectual property management agencies.
When detecting suspected intellectual property infringement, please inform us for detailed advice.

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