With experienced lawyers and consultants, Minh Khue Law Firm has successfully advised and solved many legal disputes in the field of intellectual property for many companies, organizations and individuals inside and outside Vietnam. Some of our international clients such as: IBM, MBO, INAX Corporation, Sanofi-Aventis, Schering Corporation ... and local clients such as Global Telecommunication Corporation (GTEL), Nguyen Minh Taxi, Phong Phu Pharmacy Company (PP.PHARCO) ...

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Consultation on protection of geographical indications in Intellectual Property - People's Television

Minh Khue Law Firm is providing the following consulting services:

+ Assessment of intellectual property rights
- Assessment of the status of intellectual property rights;
- Development of enforceable intellectual property campaigns;
- Valuation of intellectual property rights and intangible assets;
+ Trademark service:
- Research and Valuation of Marks;
- Look up and monitor the Brand;
- Filing an application for trademark protection, amendment, opposition and trademark complaint;
- Market investigation on the use or not use of the mark;
- Brand investigation, enforcement, litigation and trademark litigation.
- Transfer, extension and management of the trademark;
+ Industrial Design Services:
- Lookup, monitor and supervise industrial designs;
- Drafting / translating the description of the industrial design and the drawing of the design;
- Filing an application for a certificate of industrial design, amendment, opposition and industrial design complaint;
- Investigation, enforcement and litigation on industrial designs;
- Transfer, transfer, extension and management of industrial designs.
+ Patent Proprietary Services (Patent/Utility Solutions):
- Providing legal opinions on the distinction between patents and utility patents;
- Advice on how to file an invention or utility solution application;
- Look up the patent for the existence of patents for inventions or utility solutions;
- Translation, compilation and preparation of a description of the invention/utility solution;
- Filing a patent application for an invention, modification, opposition or complaint about a patent for an invention or utility solution;
- Investigation, enforcement and litigation on the patent for invention/utility solution;
- Maintain validity of patent/utility solution, transfer and licensing.
+ Copyright services:
- Drafting agreements related to creation;
- Exploiting or transferring works of authorship of all genres, including: computer software; literary; publications; music.
- Submit an application for copyright, protest and copyright claims;
- Investigation of copyright and related rights, enforcement and litigation on copyright and related rights;

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