1. What is intellectual property rights? Why should you protect your intellectual property rights?

Under the provisions of the Law on Intellectual Property of Vietnam, intellectual property rights cover three basic groups of rights:

+ Copyright: Law on Intellectual Property protect literary and artistic works; works of sound recordings, broadcasts, performances, etc. All legal creativity of the authors is protected for the originality of the work which the author has created, expressed in various forms in life;

+ Industrial property rights, including: trademarks, trade names, inventions, industrial designs, layout designs of of semi-conducting closed circuits, business secrets and geographical indications. This is one of the most important rights for enterprises operating in the field of trade or production, as well as for authors who are scientists, managers who have inventions and innovations, scientific research as well as production and business activities;

+ Rights to plant varieties and animal breeds: The development of biotechnology will create plants and animals that are resistant to pests and diseases. The research of the plant variety will be protected by the intellectual property law for the researcher(s) or owner of the plant variety.

Why should you protect your intellectual property rights?

+ To understand in the simplest way: To create a work of art or an invention/design... requires the author to spend a lot of time, dedication, effort and whole wisdom to create that "intellectual products". Protecting intellectual property rights is the shortest and quickest way to become rich with your intellectual property.

>> For example: The author of the popular Hary Potter series, JKRowling immediately became the second richest woman in the field of the entertainment industry according to Forbes magazine after Hary Potter was created and is well received by millions of young readers around the world.

+ Under the perspective of historical and spiritual value: Your creations will be recognized by society as an indispensable part of the human history of each nation. It will live forever with the great creative values it has created. But first of all, do not become a famous musician, a well-known singer, a great scientist who devotes himself entirely to the work of art, to the development of the country, and goes out of poverty just because you do not know how to protect your intellectual property rights.

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