As a professional consultant in the field of investment consultancy, Minh Khue Law Firm is providing many investment consultancy services to support clients, in particular:

- Building the project, make a technical feasibility study, select partner, location, prepare project file, apply for investment license, study investment environment, investigate market before investing.

- Business restructuring: transfer of capital, conversion of investment form, capital increase/reduction, expansion of functions.

- Investment incentive procedures: tax incentives, tax refunds, tax exemption, land rental exemption and export refund.

- Other procedures: registration of localization rate, settlement of investment capital, lease of land, construction, import and export.

- Advice on other issues of the enterprise: labor, taxes, contracts, economic and civil disputes, technology transfer.

- Establishment of representative office, branch.

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Domestic investment:

- Establishment of enterprises: issuance and modification of business registration certificates;

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- Procedures for investment incentives: tax exemption, land rent reduction, interest rate support, export bonus;

- Making investment projects and arranging for approval;

- Consultancy on other matters of the enterprise: labor, tax, contract, economic and civil disputes, technology transfer, license, land, construction;

- Counseling enterprises in choosing the investment form, investment area.

- Advise businesses on access to advanced and appropriate technology resources through support for technology transfer.

- Consultancy on registration, application for investment incentives from a number of support funds of the Government, the Ministry, Hanoi City, a number of projects funded by foreign countries in the implementation of projects on development feasibility of the business.

- Providing land management information, financial mechanism on land use, land rental assistance, assignment of subleased projects and receipt of land use right certificates.

- Representatives of investors contact the authorities to implement the project.

- To compile project dossiers for approval from competent state agencies.

- Providing, investigating and collecting market research and assessment information for enterprises in need.

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- Project management consultancy, investment promotion.

Abroad Investment:

- Economic and technical feasibility study

- Apply for investment license abroad

- Counseling on related procedures such as quotas, tariff policies, international payment, etc.

Translated from: Dịch vụ tư vấn đầu tư và lập dự án đầu tư tại Việt Nam

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