1. The concept of contract? Why need a lawyer consultant to draft and review contracts?

There are many concepts of contracting, usually contract types in a field such as labor contracts, civil contracts, economic contracts ... But from a general perspective, the concept of contract is understood as a form of commitment between two or more parties (individuals or legal persons) to carry out or not to do something within the framework of the law.

In corporations, banks and big corporations, they organize a separate legal department - a collection of lawyers and specialized legal professionals in the field of their business. And there is always a specialized department to review and build the entire contract, commercial transactions of the Company to avoid legal risks, avoid possible adverse events for the company. In Vietnam, however, not every company has its own legal department, but most of the companies in Vietnam are small and medium-sized, and they are not able to operate and manage a legal department.

To grasp this practical requirement, Minh Khue Law Firm provides legal consultancy services for drafting and reviewing contract for enterprises, organizations and individuals in need. The reason for using a lawyer to build and review contracts is because:

+ Our lawyers are mostly trained professionally at Law University and Judicial Academy. In order to have a lawyer's practice certificate, they have to undergo at least 6 years of direct training and take many rigorous examinations in order to be granted legal practice certificates.

+ Having experience in consultancy for clients in similar cases. - A lawyer has many different clients and each client as a "mentor" of their lawyers gives lawyers not only money but The lesson learned is invaluable. Providing legal advice to different companies working in the same field will help lawyers have the skills to detect and address gaps in contracts.

+ Experience in dealing with cases and disputes is an important element to help each lawyer identify deadly gaps in the contractual terms of the contract.
Therefore, the use of lawyers to develop and review contracts is of utmost importance. The practical experience of each lawyer will be a benchmark for consulting and drafting contracts.

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2. Content of the lawyer consulting services contract drafting and contract review
Minh Khue Law Firm with more than 10 years of experience has directly consulted with many domestic corporations and foreign companies doing business in Vietnam. We are committed to providing consultancy services for the construction, drafting and review of quality, reputable and accurate contracts. The process of construction and contracting is carried out in the following steps:
Step 1: Receive information, requirements of clients
Step 2: Research at the table
Step 3: Draft a contract and protect the confidentiality of the contract before customer feedback.
Step 4: Print and transfer completed contract for customer application
Step 5: Periodically from 6 months to 1 year will receive the practical problems and supplement the perfect contract practical.
Some forms of basic contract are the strengths of Minh Khue Law Firm.
+ Foreign trade contracts (bilingual draft in Vietnamese & English), including the forms of international goods purchase and sale contracts; exclusive commercial agency contract; exclusive distribution contract ...
+ Investment and technology transfer contracts under foreign investment law and technology transfer law (bilingual draft in Vietnamese & English);
+ Franchise contract, Lixang according to Intellectual Property Law Bilingual Draft in Vietnamese & English); and types of labor contracts, civil contracts, domestic trade at the request of the customer.

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