1. What is a land dispute? Why need to hire a lawyer to participate in solving a land dispute in court?

Land dispute cases are understood as disputes over the rights and obligations related to land use rights and the ownership of assets attached to land according to the order and procedures for initiating lawsuits to the competent People's Courts to be resolved in accordance with the law.

Land has always been regarded as an important product of the people in all periods of history, land disputes have taken on a great variety in social life. In many cases, land disputes that are not resolved properly will be easily out of control and may incur incalculable consequences. At present, some of the most common types of land disputes are:

+ Disputes to determine who has a lawful right to use land, including:

- Disputes over land use rights related to disputes over administrative boundaries (Between people in two provinces/districts/communes);

- Disputes claiming land, reclaiming assets attached to land use rights;

- Disputes over the right to use land and assets attached to land use right when the husband and wife are divorced;
- Disputes over the right to inherit the land use right, assets associated with the land use right;
- Disputes among users about the boundaries between land allowed for use and management;

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- Disputes between people going to build new economic zones with ethnic minority people;
- Disputes between local farms, forestry farms and other land use organizations;

+ Disputes arising during the course of lawful land users' exercise of their rights and obligations, including:

- Dispute over the contract of conversion, transfer, lease, sublease of land use rights, mortgage or guarantee, contribute capital with the land use right value;

- Disputes caused by damage or limitation of rights and obligations arising in the course of using land;
- Disputes over the use purpose, especially the dispute over agricultural land with forestry land, between land for rice and shrimp land ...;
- Disputes over site clearance for public works, national interests and compensation when cleared.
One thing to notice is that the scope of land disputes is very large, and land law is complicated because in 30 years of renewal, Vietnam's legal policy has changed over time. It is very important to hire legal counsel and participate in litigating the land dispute. Hire a lawyer will bring the following benefits:
- The cost of hiring lawyers is low but brings high legal effect;
- The quality of lawyer services guaranteed;
- Save time and costs incurred when initiating lawsuits at courts;
2. Contents of lawyer consulting services initiating lawsuits and participating in the settlement of land-related disputes:
Minh Khue Law Firm will appoint lawyers with practical experience and legal expertise in the field of land involved in the settlement of legal disputes in the specific work as follows:
+ Consult legal regulations on land dispute and establish legal issues related to legal conditions of the lawsuit: Learn the law as well as identify the conditions and time limit of initiating a lawsuit, assessing the possibility of initiating a lawsuit ... in each specific case is important factors in resolving a case of land dispute;
+ Evidence collection, documents prepared to initiate a lawsuit: Documents and evidences are important legal documents that determine the success or failure of a land dispute. Minh Khue Law Firm establishes a process of gathering evidence to assess the feasibility of settling disputes in court;
+ Preparation of lawsuit petition: Minh Khue Law advises the preparation and preparation of a lawsuit file including basic legal documents (including: land use right certificate or valuable papers Legal documents showing the right of inheritance, donation of land use rights, papers on purchase and sale of land use rights, other papers such as decision on land allocation, receipt of payment, payment lease ... and minutes of resolution, minutes of conciliation of functional agencies.
+ Filing a lawsuit petition at a competent court for settlement and appointing a lawyer to represent the client in the law in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client.
3. Instructions for use of services of litigants participating in litigation and consultancy on settlement of land disputes:
Based on each stage of the land dispute process - You can use one of the forms of land legal consultancy services or hire a lawyer of Minh Khue to participate in the settlement of the disputes.
The first method: For the content of the land law, or the content of the dispute within the family or other minor disputes ... You need the advice of a lawyer specializing. You only need to use a cell phone or landline and call the land lawyer online: 1900.6162 We always listen to and are ready to answer all your legal problems in the field of labor.
In addition, if you wish to discuss directly with the lawyer of Minh Khue Law Firm at our office, you can also schedule a meeting with a lawyer directly consulting the law of land through the hotline: 1900.6162 direct counseling will help lawyers and clients understand the legal issues and provide solutions and advice more effectively.
For the use of lawyer's services to initiate lawsuits and to participate in the resolution of land disputes, please go to Minh Khue Law Office directly at: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi to consult directly and the lawyer specialized in the field of land will study legal documents before signing the service contract with the company. We are committed to safeguarding all legal information and documents provided by the client about the incident. Only legal documents with legal grounds to initiate lawsuits, lawyers detailing the law, Minh Khue Law provides legal services. In cases where there are not enough legal bases, we will advise and guide you in handling the law.
4. Why You Should Use Lawsuit Litigation And Land Dispute Resolution Of Minh Khue Laws Firm:
We believe that the experience of the lawyers team is the most important factor in the quality of the lawyer's service and in the proceedings for the litigation and participation in resolving the land dispute in the court. The experience and quality of the lawyers and legal experts of Minh Khue Law Firm partly reflected by the direct involvement of lawyers in the central television programs such as VTV1, VTV6, the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), the People's Television, the Defense Television, and the provincial broadcasting stations. In order to advise on the current legal policy, "bring the law closer to the majority of people" is our slogan for legal consultancy activities.
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