Service content of Legal consultants for land, real estate and construction law, including:

(i) Legal advice on the policies and regulations of Vietnamese law in the field of investment, project development and real estate business; Assess the ability, prospects of success, obtain approval for specific real estate projects of investors; Propose solutions or adjustments to achieve those ratifications and issue warnings about real estate barriers and risks to real estate investors;

(ii) Comprehensive legal consultancy on aspects of the law relating to real estate, investment, project development and real estate business in the areas of development and business of urban infrastructure investment projects, resort projects, resorts, urban areas, industrial parks, amusement parks, golf courses, single or mixed multi-purpose office buildings project, trade centers, hotels , Apartment…

Lawyer consultancy on Law on Land via telephone: 1900.6162

Lawyers consultants in law on land, real estate and construction

Lawyers consultants in law on land, real estate and construction

(iii) Legal consultancy on investment cooperation, business capital contribution, business ownership and Flexible real estate business model project for parallel implementation with planning solutions, The timeline for implementing the Real Estate Project saves time and costs; Legal advice relating to cooperation, funding, capital mobilization, development, ownership, management and operation of real estate.

(iv) Legal consultancy on investment procedures/permits, project approval, site clearance, site clearance, technical infrastructure and project, approval of planning and design basic design, investment certification, lease and assignment of land use rights, construction, fire prevention ...;

(v) Legal consultancy, assistance in negotiating contracts related to investment, project development and real estate business for investors, lenders, donors, contractors, management and development of projects such as project development cooperation contracts, sale, transfer, lease, commercial lease contracts, construction, installation and finalization contracts; Real estate service contract ...

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(vi) Legal consultancy, drafting contracts, real estate business and real estate services, legal representation of real estate transactions, capital contribution, transfer, assignment, mortgage, guarantee, arrangement of capital ...

(vii) Represent client of resolve disputes of the project, real estate disputes;

Translated from: Luật sư tư vấn pháp luật đất đai, bất động sản và xây dựng

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>> See also:  Lawyer online consultancy service through call center 1900.6162