When you are deceived by others, using deceitful tricks to misappropriate your money or your property, it may be a small amount or a very large amount of money, or even if it is just a normal amount of money and property for others, but for you it is an extremely valuable asset, it can affect your whole life later? The difficulties you encounter? You always want people who cheat you to pay or be responsible for the behaviors they have done to you, especially, be responsible in accordance with the law. How can you get the money back, the number of assets that you have been deceived by others to occupy?

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Lawyers will counsel online for clients on basic factors constituting Crime of Obtaining property by fraud include but not limited to the following contents:

- Legal advice on age must bear penal liability for Crime of Obtaining property by fraud, the highest penalty level for each age according to the provisions of law;

- Legal advice on special cases shall not be prosecuted for criminal liability as if the offender is not old enough to bear penal liability, or he/she has a mental illness, inability to perceive, and not be able to control the behavior, ...

- Legal advice on objective factors of Crime of Obtaining property by fraud, with nature and purpose to misappropriate other people's property;

- Legal advice on how to identify objective acts of Crime of Obtaining property by fraud, relations of objective acts to determine the conditions that constitute a crime, which is the basis for criminal prosecution;

- Consultants determine the subjective aspect of the crime, determine the fault of the subject implementing fraudulent acts to usurp the property of others;

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- Counseling on legal issues to determine whether the subject's behavior in cases has qualified to commit a crime or only being sanctioned for administrative violations for acts they have performed;

- Advice on methods and ways of dealing with cases of qualified to commit a crime to ensure the best interests for clients.

- Advising on the provisions of the current law on how to determine the applicated terms of Crime of Obtaining property by fraud to determine the corresponding penalty frame for criminal acts ;

- Advice on penalties that may be responsible for acts of offenders;

- Specific consultation, detailed explanation of each case on the circumstances of aggravating penalties, aggravating criminal liability, extenuating criminal liability under the provisions of law;

- Advise and guide clients to collect documents and evidence to prove the facts of criminal liability mitigation to mitigate penalties in accordance with law;

- Advice about conditions for suspended sentence when committing the Crime of Obtaining property by fraud;

- Advising on the provisions of the law on how to determine the value of assets to determine exactly the penalty frame and penalty levels that offenders may be subject to according to the provisions of law;

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- Consult the regulations of the law on conditional release from prisons ahead of time, the conditions for a shortened period of time trials probation conditions for amnesty;

- Advising on other regulations related to the determination of penalty frames, determining penalties for Crime of Obtaining property by fraud.

Lawyers counsel online on Crime of Obtaining property by fraud

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Based on the provisions of the current criminal law, specifically the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, the team of lawyers specialized in criminal law, criminal legal consultants of the Minh Khue Law Firm will receive the information and documents provided by clients and give assessments, objectively assess and advise in detail about the process, how to accuse the behavior of those who have been qualified for criminal prosecution of Crime of Obtaining property by fraud according to regulations.

- Advice on the disadvantages and advantages when clients make an accusation of Crime of Obtaining property by fraud instead of implementing civil lawsuits or petitions for sanctioning administrative violations to agencies competent state administrative agencies;

- Advice on how to draft an Accusation paper against Crime of Obtaining property by fraud in accordance with the law, including the requirement of implementing civil compensation as prescribed, returning fraudulent property;

- Advice on how and method of filing criminal complaints;

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- Advising on the provisions of law to select competent state agencies to settle the Criminal Complaints of appropriating property;

- Advice on how to apply for appropriate reporting, advantages and disadvantages of each application method such as direct submission, courier, post or through a whistleblower representative;

- Consult the issues needed to pay attention to when filing a complaint at a competent state agency;

- Advising on the process and time for handling and resolving criminal complaints of competent state agencies according to the provisions of law;

- Advise and explain the provisions of the law from which to make the plan handles the misconduct of the competent entity if in the process of settlement of the case;

- Guide the client process of tracking a criminal case, the process of settlement to ensure the interests of customers.

- Consult other issues when customers have legal support requests.

4. How to contact an online counseling lawyer

Clients can take the following steps to connect to the criminal law lawyer of Minh Khue Law Firm:

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Step 1: Please call the hotline 1900.6162 to meet lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung

Step 2: Presenting in detail the problems that you are encountering or need to be answered, presenting according to the lawyers' instructions so that the lawyers can understand the important circumstances of the case, related details, eliminating unrelated incidents

Step 3: Lawyers make the assessment, answer client questions, explain the provisions of the law corresponds to the problems of our clients, offering several options to solve the case to clients make a choice

We are always ready to serve clients anytime, anywhere!

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Criminal law consulting department - Minh Khue Law Firm

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