In fact today, there are many law firms, law offices that provide litigation lawyer services, participating in defense of defendants and defendants in criminal cases, accordingly, clients need to find out details about the quality of services, the lawyer team involved in solving Criminal cases of law firms, law offices to make appropriate choices for the case of their relatives or their own.

For criminal cases, lawyers may participate in protecting legitimate rights and interests for detainees, defendants, accused or victims or other persons with related interests and obligations in the criminal case, in any stage of the case, maybe the newly arrested period, with a temporary seizure decision, a decision to prosecute a case, a decision on detention, a decision to prosecute or after a decision bring the case to trial, ...

Depending on the different stages from the investigation stage, prosecution, trial of the case in the Court of First Instance, trial in the Court of Appeal or the defense of the convicted under the Procedure of Supervision appellate or reopening procedure.

Minh Khue Law Firm provides a reputable lawyer service to participate in criminal cases corresponding to the types of crimes specified in the Criminal Code.

Minh Khue Law Firm provides the lawyer service participating in litigation in criminal cases including participation as a lawyer to defend defendants and accused; Or participate as a lawyer to protect civil plaintiffs in criminal cases, civil defendants in criminal cases or victims, people with related rights and obligations in criminal cases.

Corresponding to each different case, each different stage, and of course depends on the service package, legal service requirements that clients require to provide, lawyers will participate in the proceedings in the case correspondence with each stage. Specifically:

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Lawyers participated in the investigation period, prosecuting the case:

During this period, after signing a legal service contract with a client (possibly the person being held in custody, is being prosecuted or a relative of this person or the victim in a criminal case, ...), the lawyer who assigned to participate in legal rights protection proceedings will conduct case studies, assess the objective details of the case, meet with investigating agencies, request or give issue a number of legal and legal recommendations such as changing measures to prevent temporary detention from moving to methods of guarantee, placing money to secure, ban from residence, ...

At the same time, the lawyer personally collects documents, papers, legal evidence related to the case or instructs the person being prosecuted or his or her relatives to collect other evidence according to in accordance with the law for the evidence that they can provide and collect as a basis to conclude that this person has not committed a crime or provided documents to prove the facts of extenuating criminal liability if their behavior qualifies as a criminal offense in accordance with the Criminal Code.

Attorney involved in prosecution stage:

During this period, lawyers continue to study case files after contacting the accused, copying copies of the case files, better understanding the testimonies that the victims, the accomplices, the litigants in the case of declaration, as well as knowing the evidence that the investigating agency has collected in accordance with the law.

Lawyers will draft petitions requesting competent state agencies, namely the Procuracy to have jurisdiction to resolve this case in order to have reasonable and legitimate requests and petitions to protect the rights of clients that they protect (defendants, civil defendants, civil plaintiffs, persons with related rights and obligations in criminal cases) to comply with the provisions of law.

Lawyers participating in the trial of criminal cases in the Court of First Instance:

- As a lawyer participating in defense of defendants: After carefully studying the records, assessing the objective details of the case, assessing the severity of the defendant's behavior. At the trial of first-instance trial, the lawyer will prepare questions and excuses to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the accused before the Trial Panel in one of the following cases:

+ In case the accused is innocent, the lawyer will proceed to ask the defendant and other litigants questions such as the victim, people with related rights and obligations, witnesses to prove innocent accused. Since then, giving objective evidence in the case, arguments based on the provisions of the law for the purpose, orienting to defend the accused in the innocent way to protect the rights and best interests to clients;

+ If the objective behavior of the accused is eligible for conviction, the lawyer will conduct questions and defend the defendant in the direction of reducing criminal liability or reducing the penalty frame for the defendant.

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- As a lawyer participating in protecting legitimate rights and interests for the litigants in criminal cases who are victims, people with related rights and obligations, agencies, organizations and enterprises who have related rights and obligations, civil plaintiffs and joint civil defendants of criminal cases: Lawyers will give questions, arguments to request compensation plans, civil liability in accordance with the provisions of law for the best benefit of clients.

Lawyers participating after the appellate stage, cassation or retrial:

- In case the client does not agree with the decision of the Court of First Instance, the client may ask the lawyer to advise, guide or draft an Appeal under the appeal procedure to protect the rights and interests For yourself / your relative in accordance with regulations. At the same time, the lawyer will explain the rules of the law so that clients can assess whether the case should appeal or not to appeal it will be more beneficial.

- In case the case has been resolved at the appellate stage, but the client (convicted person or relative of the client or victim or the person with related rights and obligations) disagrees with the judgment/decision of the appellate court, he/she may contact a lawyer to draft a written request for a competent agency to appeal according to reopening procedures. However, the lawyer will advise, explain the provisions of the law to advise clients on cases that may require an appeal under retrial procedure, only those cases with sufficient grounds. In legal terms, it is possible to conduct reopening procedures according to the actual situation.

Prestigious lawyer services participate in legal proceedings in criminal cases

Prestigious lawyer services participate in legal proceedings in criminal cases, call: 1900.6162

3. What benefits will customers receive when using Minh Khue's service?

- Quality of lawyer services involved in prestigious litigation, guarantee, service package when clients need;

- Prestigious and experienced lawyers, highly specialized, with good professional skills;

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- Save time, effort and money for clients;

- Reasonable service costs, which can be flexible in different cases, as well as for each object with difficult circumstances and policy beneficiaries, we will have a service regime for the client to ensure the best rights and benefits for clients;

- Resolve cases quickly, achieve high legal efficiency;

- Commitment to client information security.

4. Online criminal law consulting services by phone

In addition to lawyer's services in criminal proceedings, Minh Khue law firm also provides client with online criminal law consulting services via hotline: 1900.6162. Through the hotline, our lawyer will advise and answer the following questions for clients, not limited to each customer case:

- Consult and answer, explain the provisions of the law on each specific crime based on the information that clients provide, make assessments, objective arguments, forecast situations may occur, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of such situations in accordance with the law;

- Advise and guide clients on how to determine the time limit for criminal prosecution in accordance with each crime, each type of crime, how to determine the time of investigation, the time of prosecution, the time to prepare cases brought to trial according to law provisions;

- Advise and instruct clients to prepare petitions, applications to change measures to prevent or not to prevent detention measures;

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- Advise and explain the advantages and disadvantages when clients sincerely declare, repent, voluntarily repair and compensate for damage to the affected party or their relatives;

- Advise and guide clients to collect evidence to clarify the objective circumstances of the case, to mitigate criminal liability, reduce the penalty level slightly in case the client's behavior is qualified to criminal prosecution in accordance with the Criminal Code;

- Advice on penalties that convicted persons may be fined, in which case death penalty, life imprisonment, imprisonment, warning, non-custodial reform, fine or entitled to a suspended sentence, ...;

- Advise and guide clients to prepare questions and arguments to defend themselves and protect their legitimate rights and interests before the Court in accordance with the legal proceedings of customers in the case. Criminals may be defendants, victims, people with related rights and obligations;

- Advise and explain the provisions of the law related to criminal judgment execution, appeal according to appellate procedures, cassation or retrial according to regulations;

- Advise on the level of criminal charges to be paid, civil liability (compensation for property damage, health damage, damage to life, mental damage) must comply with the provisions of laws based on the Judgment / Decision of the Court with legal effect;

- Consulting and answering all problems related to criminal cases according to the needs of clients, according to the specific information of each different case, different circumstances and different legal consequences, lawyers will advise clients of the plan, appropriate handling orientation corresponding to their case.

Sincerely thank you./.

Criminal Law Department- Minh Khue Law Company

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