Through legal consultancy hotline 1900.6162, Minh Khue's customer support department received many calls for legal advice on suspended sentence (probation) and conditions for suspended sentence according to current law provisions.

Thereby, recognizing the increasing concern about the issue of probation conditions of the people, in fact, some unfortunate individuals violate the provisions of the law, are eligible to criminal responsibilities with their violations want to enjoy the slightest punishment such as warning, fine, non-custodial reform or imprisonment but on probation.

Ming Khue law firm providing services to clients legal consulting lawyers on probation, the conditions placed on probation through online hotline: 1900.6162

Lawyers counsel online on probation and conditions for being entitled to probation

Free online criminal law counsel, call: 1900.6162

- Online legal advice on conditions for being entitled to probation, criminal offenses being entitled to probation in accordance with the current Criminal Code;

- Explain the provisions of the law to convicted people, relatives and friends of convicted people to understand about the judgment of suspended sentence, from there, analyze the conditions to get suspended sentence;

- Advice and guidance of the provisions of the current law to collect the documents, proving the many extenuating circumstances for criminal liability to qualify for a suspended sentence;

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- Advice on how to determine the convicted person has good personalities, guidelines for certification of competent state agencies about the first-time offense, no criminal record, before committing a crime always obeying the regulations and provisions of the Party and the state;

- Advising on the provision of documents and papers proving that the convicted person has a stable and clear place to live, a stable working place to serve as a basis for being entitled to a suspended sentence;

- In some cases, if the offense has a main penalty frame is not imprisonment but just a warning, a fine or a non-custodial reform penalty, the lawyer will advise and explain the provisions of the current law to confirm that these penalties are more beneficial than imprisonment penalties but are exempt from serving imprisonment penalties;

- Advice on the advantages and disadvantages when proposing a suspended sentence compared to the serving of imprisonment in case of temporary detention for some time;

- Advice on other legal issues related to the suspended sentence according to regulations.

Under the provisions of the current law, not all cases of eligibility for suspended sentence, the offender can enjoy probation, because according to the provisions of the current law, there are some cases that clearly state that the offender cannot enjoy suspended sentence. Accordingly, Minh Khue law firm advised:

- The detailed online consultation, in particular cases of suspended sentence under the provisions of the current law, at the same time, explain the provisions of the law so that clients understand, correct, sufficient and accurate legal regulations;

- The consultant explains the current legal provisions on the case of the mastermind, the commander, the leader, fleeing, being wanted, and committing new crimes during the probation period, will not be entitled to suspended sentence;

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- Specific advice on the case of the client on the issue of suspended sentence or will have to comply with the imprisonment penalty in accordance with the circumstances or cases of not allowing suspended sentence so clients can save time, cost, ensure the best rights and benefits to clients.

- Advising on the provisions of the current law on the time to calculate probationary probation time when the first-instance court judgment is not appealed or protested;

- Consult regulations on how to determine the time of trial probation according to the judgment or decision of the Court of Appeal;

- Legal advice on how to determine the starting time to calculate the probationary time of suspension sentence according to the decision of the Jurisdiction Council;

- Legal advice on how to determine the time to calculate probationary probation time when the judgment is appealed or protested according to the provisions of law;

- Legal advice on methods and ways to handle some special cases when the first instance judgment or appellate judgment is adjusted, the judgment is canceled for investigation and re-trial;

- Consulting determined the exact moment to calculate the trial period probation, as well as identifying specific time trials completed execution of probation;

- Consult the provisions of law relating to the determination of suspended sentence probation.

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Under the current law, the State always applies leniency policy, creating conditions for offenders to early re-integrate into society for sentenced cases subject to imprisonment penalties, for imprisonment exemption - suspended sentence, there is a regime to shorten the probation time. Therefore, Minh Khue Law Firm provides clients with:

- Online legal advice on conditions to shorten the probationary time;

- Consult the regulations of the current legislation on the cases of shortened probation and a suspended sentence cases not be shortened;

- Legal advice on the number of times to be shortened probation time, how much time each trial is shortened, how many times are considered shortened;

- Advice on shortening probationary probation time in case the convicted person has made a mistake and has one of the dangerous diseases as prescribed by current law;

- Consult the regulations on state agencies competent to decide to shorten the test period suspended sentence;

- Consult the regulations of the current legislation on processes, procedures and time limits for consideration resolved to shorten the probation period with a suspended sentence;

- Advice on the preparation of evidence, papers, documents and drafting applications for shortening probation period to probation competent authority;

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- Advice on selecting the method of filing dossiers to competent state agencies to solve the shortening of probation time for a suspended sentence;

- Consultation methods handle legal issues related after a shortened probation period for a suspended sentence.

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