Recognizing the importance of analyzing and explaining the legal provisions on gambling activities that are sanctioned for administrative violations or even being prosecuted for penal liability so that everyone can understand, from there can limit the risks and legal problems that are not worth, Minh Khue Law Firm provides clients with online legal counsel services on handling gambling behavior, on how to determine Crime of illegal gambling through free online switchboards, serving 24/7, including holidays and Tet holidays: 1900.6162

In fact, most people tend to learn about the law on gambling only after they are caught when gambling or their relatives and friends are caught in gambling. Therefore, contacting an online legal consultant is completely practical, does not need to travel many times and far away to contact a lawyer for legal advice in a reasonably fast - accurate - effective way.

Before the implementation of gambling behavior, contacting a lawyer will help you realize whether your behaviors are dangerous for society or not? Is there a legal violation? Can penalties be handled in accordance with the law? Accordingly, provide advice to their relatives, friends about whether to perform acts of gambling or not? Lawyer will advise you on how the gambling activity is considered civilized and legal behavior, as an entertaining game, does not violate the provisions of law.

After being arrested for gambling, in principle, do not hesitate, please contact the lawyer right away 1900.6162 In order to better understand the provisions of the law, to select the handling solutions in accordance with the law to limit legal risks that may arise, and at the same time, ensure legitimate rights and interests for the offender.

As the economy grows, connecting and communicating among people is very simple through many different forms, so you can be assured of the quality of the consulting services of the team. The counselors through the online legal consultancy center - are highly professional, experienced in legal consultancy activities, always serve wholeheartedly, and in detail the legal issues for the client.

On the other hand, online legal advice is not merely a responsibility, a task that consultants must do, besides, if the advice is incorrect, not accurate, and of course the service will not receive trust and support from clients, simply because there is not only one law firm, the law office provides online legal consultancy services through telephone, if the quality not guaranteed, the law firm will not be able to maintain and develop in the fiercely competitive market today.

2. Advice on gambling cases without criminal prosecution

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Under current Vietnamese law, not all gambling cases are prosecuted for criminal liability (which mean they must go to Court, may have to comply with penalties in accordance with the Criminal Code) can only be fined for administrative violations, not even sanctioned, not subject to criminal prosecution. Only gambling acts which paying lost in cash or in assets will be sanctioned for administrative violations or prosecution of criminal liability respectively.

Law Firm Minh Khue provides legal advice on gambling cases without being examined for penal liability for clients to refer to:

- Specific consultation, identification of gambling cases in the form of normal entertainment, in accordance with the law, not subject to criminal prosecution, nor penalized for administrative violations;

- Counseling on how to determine the amount and value of the asset to conclude that the act is only subject to administrative penalties or to criminal prosecution;

- Advise on the State agencies competent to sanction administrative violations against gambling behavior as prescribed;

- Consultation on the process and procedures for the sanctioning of administrative violations;

- Consultation of the administrative penalties for each case;

- Advice on issues to be noted after being sanctioned for administrative violations in order to avoid possible cases of being examined for penal liability when continuing to gamble within the time limit already sanctioned for administrative violations, still not yet be allowed to clear the precedent according to regulations;

- Consulting and answering legal provisions that clients require on gambling behavior.

Lawyers counsel online on the handling behavior of gambling - Illegal gambling crime

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Free online criminal law consultant, call: 1900.6162

3. Advise the provisions of the law on gambling

- Advising on the provisions of the law on how to determine eligibility constituting a gambling offense, the age must bear penal liability for gambling, the signs of objective behavior, the error factor, the amount of money/assets used for gambling to investigate criminal liability for Crime of illegal gambling in specific cases provided by clients;

- Advice on penalties for gambling, cases of fines, non-custodial education, conditions for suspended sentence under the provisions of law;

- Advice on how to identify, collect documents, papers, witnesses, persons with related rights and obligations to have a basis to accurately identify the facts of extenuating criminal liability, as well as aggravation of criminal liability in accordance with law;

- Advice on the benefits that clients will have when they are honestly declaring, repenting or providing relevant documents and information to the competent authorities for investigation, to find out the other crimes;

- Consult the process, procedures and time for conducting the investigation, prosecution, bringing the case to trial in the Court, on the issue of judicial execution in accordance with the provisions of law;

- Advise or guide clients to prepare documents, letters, petitions, applications to send to competent state agencies to protect the interests of clients or relatives and friends line;

- Explain the relevant legal provisions on gambling for clients to refer.

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In addition to consulting relevant legal issues regarding the handling of gambling acts in accordance with the Law on Administrative Penalties, as well as legal advice on Gambling Crime in accordance with the Criminal Code. At the present, Minh Khue Law Firm's lawyer also advises clients on other issues through the hotline 1900.6162 as follows:

- Counseling on accusations of gambling to competent state agencies;

- Advise on methods and ways to denounce illegal gambling behavior to competent state agencies quickly, accurately and effectively;

- Advise the provisions of the law on papers and documents attached to the complaint to the competent authorities to receive;

- Advice on settlement time, steps taken after receiving criminal complaints from citizens;

- Counseling and answering problems when clients realize the behaviors and tasks that the competent entities do not comply with the provisions of law (if any);

- Advice on the time of temporary detention and detention of people who commit gambling activities;

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- Advice on the custody time limit, the case of foreclosures, the method of handling the assets and money seized in gambling services as prescribed.

To be able to receive the most specific and accurate answers in your case, save time and cost, please call the hotline right away: 1900.6162 (meet Lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung)

We look forward to receiving customers' cooperation soon!

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Criminal law consulting department - Minh Khue Law Firm

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