Minh Khue Law Firm provides clients with online legal advice service via telephone for free administrative procedures via hotline 1900.6162. The team of lawyers, legal consultants provide advice for clients 24/7, including holidays and Tet holidays. If there are any problems arising in the process of implementing administrative procedures, please contact us immediately to be answered and have a timely and effective solution.

Lawyers counsel online via telephone on administrative procedures

Counseling online for free on administrative procedures, call: 1900.6162

1. Benefits of administrative consultancy via phone

Any individual or organization, even an enterprise before using any service, signing a service contract always want to know first of all the benefits they will get, as well as the disadvantages that they may encounter. Therefore, regardless of the types of clients, clients can be assured of the quality of online consultancy services of Minh Khue Law Firm because we commit to the following basic issues:
- Securing information, contents related to clients' cases, all issues that clients provide, presenting to consult lawyers, guiding administrative procedures or other legal issues, the team of lawyers is responsible for the confidentiality of customer information. Commit not to use the information or provide information to third parties to know, do not use client information on any social networking site or forum for the purpose of defaming images, reputation, honor, and dignity of clients.
- Quality of service is reputable, professional, dedicated, effective legal support staff. Clients can refer to our list of lawyers, legal experts here.
- Flexible and proactive consulting service time for clients. At any time of the day, clients can contact the team of Customer Support Department - Call Center of Minh Khue Law Firm.
- Wide Scope of consultation, services are provided nationwide, all regions whether islands or mountainous and highland areas. With our purpose and mission, we wish to disseminate legal knowledge to all people in the country, especially in difficult economic conditions, as well as legal support for the client who is a foreigner in need of understanding Vietnamese laws or Vietnamese citizens / Vietnamese residing abroad.

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- Our 1900.6162 hotline can support hundreds of clients at the same time with high quality, information security, so clients can be assured that there is no interruption in consulting as well as such information is not disclosed.

2. Administrative procedures counseled by lawyers via phone

When using the consulting service of online administrative procedures of Minh Khue law firm, clients will be instructed by lawyers to guide the administrative procedures corresponding to the following specific areas:
- In the civil field: procedures for authentication of papers, documents, contracts, written commitments, minutes of agreement and wills at competent state administrative agencies; administrative procedures related to birth registration, death registration, temporary residence registration, permanent residence registration, temporary absence declaration, change of name and family name registration, ...
- In the field of marriage and family: procedures to confirm father, mother and child relations; procedures for adoption; procedures for confirming marital status; procedures for marriage registration between Vietnamese citizens, between foreign nationals registered to marry in Vietnam or between Vietnamese citizens and foreign citizens; ...
- In the field of enterprises: consulting and guiding the implementation of processes and procedures for registration of establishment of enterprises, establishment of companies, establishment of cooperatives, establishment of individual business households; administrative procedures related to changing, supplementing and adjusting information related to companies, enterprises, individual business households, cooperatives; Advising on procedures for temporary suspension of operation, bankruptcy, dissolution of enterprises, cooperatives and business households according to regulations; ...
- In the field of foreign investment: Consulting administrative procedures to apply for an investment license, applying for approval of investment projects; procedures for registering investors; procedures for transferring investment projects or re-registering investment projects; administrative procedures to apply for adjustment of investment licenses in accordance with regulations, ...
- In the field of land: advising and guiding administrative procedures when requesting competent state agencies to grant certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land (depending on each locality and region will have different names such as title, pink book, red book); advising on administrative procedures related to the adjustment and registration of changes, registration of changes and updating information on land use right certificates when transferring, donating, donating, contributing capital or receiving inheritance; ...
- In the field of labor and insurance: consulting administrative procedures for individuals and enterprises to carry out the registration of increase, social insurance reduction, unemployment insurance and health insurance; report the number of employees working at the enterprise, the number of foreign workers working for the enterprise; guide procedures for registration of labor regulations, labor agreements, registration of wage scales and payrolls; notice of the registration of construction of labor use plans according to regulations; ...
- In the field of taxation: advise and guide customers on procedures for tax declaration, tax finalization, tax payment, registration for consideration of cases of tax exemption or reduction; registration of operation termination of tax codes; procedures for re-opening tax codes in case of tax code closure; ...
- In the field of Intellectual Property: advising and guiding papers, processes and procedures to perform copyright registration and industrial property protection registration; procedures for payment of fees and charges for registration of intellectual property rights according to regulations, ..
- We will also provide advice to clients on the order and procedures for resolving disputes or petitions at competent state agencies, administrative proceedings, civil proceedings. , criminal proceedings when clients need.
Of course, along with guiding clients on administrative procedures and order at a competent state administrative agency, we will also provide advice or provide services to draft legal documents. Such as an application for administrative lawsuit petition, a complaint, a petition, a request for mediation, an application for sanctioning administrative violations and a number of other applications at the request of clients.

3. How to contact an administrative procedure consultant

In order to be able to connect with the administrative procedure consultant, please call 1900.6162 (meet Lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung), after connecting with a lawyer or a legal consultant, customers can present the details of the problem to be answered.
In addition, clients can submit an application for administrative procedure advice to our email address: [email protected] or directly to Minh Khue Law Firm at Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. to be counseled directly.
Besides, to be able to look up detailed administrative procedures, visitors to the website: https://luatminhkhue.vn in the search section, clients will find the administrative documents or state documents, letters of complaints, denunciations, lawsuits and advice from lawyers for each specific case to apply in their case.
Sincerely thank you./.
Administrative law consulting department - Minh Khue Law Company

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