Intellectual property is not just an invention, an industrial design, a trademark or a copyright, it is also the foundation for building and establishing other essential and fundamental assets in every business field. How a company identifies, registers and protects its creative achievements is a strategic issue in today's market, not only in Vietnam but also on a wider scale in order to create and maintain the competitiveness of your company. We understand this and can help clients register, protect, and effectively use their intellectual property.

With our experience in the legal field, our law enforcement team also has extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, including patents, industrial designs, trademarks (anti-counterfeiting), copyrights, domain names, trade names, trade secrets and unfair competition. With this team, we can assist clients not only in establishing and maintaining intellectual property rights but also in enforcing these rights in Vietnam. As enforcement of intellectual property rights requires close relationships with law enforcement agencies, we have been maintaining close relationships with competent state agencies, including Department of Intellectual Property, the market regulator, Competition Department, arbitration and court. Above all, we are considered the leading choice in the field of rights enforcement in Vietnam.

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Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Service:

We pioneered the use of effective and creative enforcement strategies that aim, for example, to stop the production of counterfeit goods, and to combat variations in this violation. We solve the problem with both traditional methods and innovative solutions depending on specific case. We apply various measures, from civil, criminal to administrative, and especially close cooperation with competent authorities, against the offending party. Our services in this field include:

- Identification, investigation and survey of intellectual property rights;
- Carry out programs to prevent and combat counterfeit goods (including public relations);
- Warning, negotiation, negotiation, dispute settlement, arbitration;
- Representing and defending before the competent authority (including the Department of Intellectual Property, Customs, Market Management, Competition Department, arbitration and court);
- Exercise rights;
- Other legal consulting services at the customer's request;

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