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A dossier of application for an investment certificate includes:

+ Application for issuance of investment certificate;
+ Investor profile, specifically:
- In cases where the investor is an individual: a valid copy of the passport;
- Where the investor is a legal entity: a copy of the translated and legalized copy of the following papers:
1) Certificate of business registration of the company;
2) Certificate of tax code of the company;
3) Company Charter;
4) Company financial report of the latest year;
5) Decision of the Company on investment in Vietnam;
6) Letter of appointment of representative of the Company in Vietnam;
7) Passport of the Company's representative in Vietnam;
+ A copy certified by consular officer confirming the balance of the account of the contribution to the project by the investor;
+ Financial report of the investor;
+ A notarized copy of the people's identity card or passport of the legal representative of the company;
+ The draft charter of the company in accordance with the type of enterprise selected;
+ Joint Venture Contract;
+ The principal agreement on renting land and land for the project implementation;
+ A copy of the land use right certificate of the location of the project;
+ The economic-technical exposition (applicable in the case of establishment projects relate to production, with the scale of VND 300 billion or more or in sectors in which investment is conditional);
+ Confirmation of the deposit of the bank (Applicable in cases where the project operate in the business line that regulated by law require legal capital);

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