1. What information clients need to provide

Company name (please write full, accurate): Vietnamese name, English name and Abbreviation.

The company's headquarters: Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Website

- Title of the legal representative (notarized copy of ID card or passport): Director or Chairman of the Board.

Chartered capital: In number: .............................. VND (In words: ....... ..................)

Business registration (clients list the industries they intend to do business)

Information about company members (Notarized ID card or passport of all members) as: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Ethnicity, ID Number, Date of Issue, Place of Birth, Permanent Household Registration: (Specify number of house, street, district, city or village, commune, district, province); Current residence: (Specify number of house, street, district, city or village, commune, district, province); Contributed capital; proportion; total chartered capital.

2. Process of consultancy on the establishment of enterprises:

- Receiving requests for consultancy on the establishment of enterprises of clients in the following forms: via email, telephone, fax ... or online consultancy via legal consultancy center 1900.6162.

- Submit the request for information, consulting services and draft contract.

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- Direct consultancy on legal matters related to the establishment of enterprises;
- Signing the contract and performing the delegated representation;
3. Contents of establishment consultancy:
3.1 Legal advice before establishing a business:
In order to equip our clients with the basic knowledge of law on:
+ Consulting on selection of types of enterprises (joint stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships, private enterprises ...) and other legal provisions for each type of enterprise.
+ Consultancy on naming enterprises (Look up the ability to register business names) and consultant on registration of protection and logo design (registration of trademark protection);
+ Consultation on selection of business lines (in accordance with the law on the selection of conditional business lines, trades requiring certificates ...);
+ Advising on registration of members/founding shareholders in accordance with the Laws and the charter of the company;
+ Advising on registration of charter capital/legal capital in accordance with the Law on Enterprises and regulations of specialized law.
+ Advice on the ratio, method of capital contribution and other related issues
+ Consulting on issues related to internal enterprises: Organization and operation model, management and operation methods, rights and obligations of shareholders;
+ Tax law consultancy (declaration and finalization of tax, enterprise income tax, value added tax, special consumption tax);
The dossier for the establishment of an enterprise shall be completed immediately after the receipt of all accurate and lawful information of the client, including the written agreement before the establishment of the enterprise between the founding member/shareholder; Application for establishment of an enterprise; List of founding members/founding shareholders of the enterprise; The charter of the enterprise; Letter of authorization of the enterprise and other relevant documents.
3.2. Perform tasks as authorized:
Minh Khue Law Firm performs the work under the authorization of the customer at the competent State agencies for registration of the establishment of the enterprise with the specific contents of work performed:
+ To compile the dossier as required;
+ Representing customers to submit, withdraw and receive business registration dossiers at business registration bureaus;
+ To monitor the process of handling and notify the results of the submitted dossiers;
+ On behalf of clients who receive the business registration certificate (Employees of Minh Khue Law Firm will be with the business owner present at the Business Registration Office to perform the above work);
+ Carrying out the procedures for submitting the seal engraving registration dossiers and contacting the seal making for enterprises at the competent agencies;
+ Receive seal sample certificate and company seal (Employees of Minh Khue Law Firm will together with the legal representative of the enterprise present at the Business Registration Office to perform the above work);
+ To carry out procedures for registration of tax codes and customs codes for enterprises having the function of exporting and importing them to enterprises.
4. Legal consultancy after the establishment of an enterprise:​
Minh Khue Law Firm supports and advises clients specifically on the following issues:​
- Legal advice after establishment: Consultancy on corporate governance; taxes consultant; consulting and building brand development ... and all legal issues arising in the course of business operations.
+ Providing free legal documents in Vietnamese and English by email;
+ To prepare the internal dossier of the enterprise, including the charter, minutes of contribution of capital for the establishment of the company, election of the chairman, appointment of the representative at law, appointment of the director, decision on appointment of the accountant Chief, Share Certificate, Shareholder's Book, Notice of shareholder book;

For more information, please contact: MINH KHUE LAW FIRM CO., LTD

Phone to request an establishment of types of company, call: 02439916057

Online legal consultancy office and appointment for a consultation at the office: 1900.6162 (Press 7)

Email: [email protected]

Look forward to cooperation with clients!

Best regards./.

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