Our Intellectual Property Department works in all areas related to industrial property rights, copyright and domain names in Vietnam. Our scope of services include research and advice on intellectual property law, filing and handling trademark applications, industrial designs, invention patents, copyrights and domain names; look up the possibility of registration of intellectual property, transfer and renewal of intellectual property rights; conducting appeal the invalidation of IPRs; negotiating and drafting licensing agreements, technology transfer contracts, franchise and distribution contracts; enforcement of intellectual property rights and anti-counterfeiting. In addition, the ability to enforce intellectual property rights of clients is supported and enhanced with our management services and "monitoring" of intellectual property rights, in particular with respect to violations and counterfeit upon intellectual property rights.

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We not only provide IP services in Vietnam but also in Laos and Cambodia, where we have associate offices. With the experienced team of lawyers who are expert in trademarks, invention patents and technical fields, and an automated management system, Minh Khue Law Firm has the ability to provide clients with high-quality services at competitive rates. Our Intellectual Property Department now has 20 lawyers, with the support of a team of experienced collaborators and technicians, divided into three main categories: Invention Patent and Design, Trademark and Copyright; and Exercise Rights.

Minh Khue Law Firm and our lawyers are currently members of professional organizations in the Vietnam such as Vietnamese Intellectual Property Association (VIPA) and many international professional organizations such as International Trademark Association (INTA), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), Association for the Protection of Industrial Property Rights (AIPPI), ASEAN IPA, etc. SUNLAW's Intellectual Property Department has always been highly appreciated by leading international and domestic magazines in the field of IP in Vietnam.

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