To overcome these limitations and shortcomings and ensure legality in land, construction transaction, Minh Khue Law Firm supply the legal consulting service on land law.

The main consulting service includes:

(I) Give legal consultancy on the policies and regulations of Vietnamese law in the field of investment, project development and real estate transaction; Make assessment of possibility, prospects for success; achieve approval for the investors’ specific real estate projects; propose solutions or make adjustments to achieve approval and give warnings of the obstacles, legal actual risks to the investors in the real estate sector;

(ii) Give comprehensive legal consultancy on real estate, investment, project development and real estate transaction in the field of developing infrastructure investment projects, tourism projects, resort projects, urban projects, industrial park projects, entertainment projects, golf course projects, single or mixed multifunctional projects, Office Building projects, commercial center projects, Hotels projects, Apartment projects and so on

(iii) Give legal consultancy on investment cooperation transactions, capital contribution; business model of owning and trading flexibly real estate projects to implement and give solutions, schedules of real estate projects to save time and costs; Relevant legal consultancy on cooperation, funding, construction, development, ownership, management and operation of estate projects.

(iv) Give legal consultancy on investment procedures, project approval, approval of location, site clearance, the boundary and technical infrastructure, approval for planning and design, investment certificates, land leasing and land use rights granting, construction and fire fighting and so on.

(v) Give legal consultance and support for negociating the agreements related to investment, project development and real estate business to transaction to lenders, sponsors, contractors, management organization and developing the projects, sales contract, transfer contract, lease contract, construction contracts, installation contract and real estate services ...

(vi) Give legal consultancy, draft contracts and documents of real estate transactions, be representative of real estate transactions, capital contribution, transfer, authorization, mortgage, guarantee, funding arrangement…

(vii) Take part in solving the contract disputes and real estate transaction;

Translated from: Luật vấn pháp luật đất đai, bất động sản xây dựng

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