Currently, Many Vietnameses get married to many foreigners to form multinational, multicultural families. This becomes the cultural bridge between Vietnam and other countries around the world. Many foreigners with different nationalities look for adoptions to bring home and family to many abandoned children, children with particularly difficult situations in the aftermath of war.

We have conception that getting married to foreigners is an inevitable trend in the context of current globalization. We can’t condemn and prevent marriage with foreign elements because of old concepts on the foreign invaders. We can’t not favor voluntarism in prefer getting married to foreigners or not. This is a normal phenomenon in the process of economic and cultural development, exchanges and integration.

However, in Vietnam, this legal issue is still new and there is lack of specific regulations, international justice still havs many problems related to the institution, legality and compliance. It does not meet practical demands in the context of globalization today. Additionally, there are many more complex phenomena related to marriage and family relations involving foreign elements. This situation requires Minh Khue Law Firm to try its best to give the best consultancy services.

Consulting service on the marriage and family relation involving foreign elements:

- Consultancy on marriage registration between Vietnamese and foreigner;

- Consultancy on marriage registration between Vietnamese and Vietnamese with permanent residence in a foreign countries

- Consultancy on marriage registration between foreigner and foreigner with permanent residence in Vietnam

- Consultancy on divorce procedures with foreign element

- Consultancy all issues related to the marriage and family relation involving foreign elements

Translated from: Dịch vụ vấn pháp luật hôn nhân gia đình yếu tố nước ngoài

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