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As a professional consultancy company specializing in Business Consulting - Investment - Intellectual Property in Vietnam, our merger consultancy services will bring satisfaction to you.

1. Consultancy on the provisions of law on merger of companies:

Content we will counsel:

- Advising the procedures of the General Meeting of Shareholders/Board of Members of each company to pass the content of the merger of the company;

- Counseling the merger contract and adopting the merged content;
- Counseling procedures and conditions for the merger;
- Consultancy on employment plan;
- Counsel the duration, procedures and conditions for conversion of assets, convert the share of contributed capital, shares, and bonds of the merged company into capital contribution, shares and bonds of the merging company;
- Counseling the time limit for the implementation of the merger;
- Consultancy on the formulation of the charter of the merging company;
- Other relevant content.
2. Completing the dossier for establishment of the company:
- Minutes, decisions of the Board of Members/General Meeting of Shareholders on the merger;
- A valid copy of the business registration certificate of the merging company and the merged company;
- Request for business registration;
- List of members/shareholders;
- Company Charter;
- Other necessary documents.
3. Represent clients to carry out the procedures:
- Applying for the change of business registration certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Monitoring the processing and notification of the submitted dossiers;
- Receive the business registration certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Get the company seal;
- Submit the Notification of the seal sample at the Business Registration Office;
4. Commitment to service after establishment of the company:
- Consultancy on the preparation of legal documents for the company in accordance with the content changes;
- Providing related legal documents as required;
- Guiding relevant procedures at the head office of Minh Khue Law Firm.

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