Legal consultancy serices on restructuring, conversion, mergers & acquisitions:

(i) Consultancy on enterprise law, the legal status, rights, obligations and relations of enterprises in business law and related legal issues

(ii) Consultancy on legal relationship between the enterprises and economic groups, the parent company; Consultancy on legal issues of governance, organization, management and control of internal disputes, review, assessment of the enterprises’ legal status;

(iii) Consultancy on business type, business model, charter capital, operation permits, drafting and negotiation of shareholder agreements, charters and contracts related to the business establishment and restructuring, Representation of the investors to complete the administrative/legal procedures of enterprise establishment and restructuring;

iv) Consultancy and representation of the investors to negociate with partners on the document, the related issues to organization structure, voting rights, jurisdiction and control rights of Management Councils, Board of Directors ...

(v) Comprehensive legal consultancy on share transactions, capital contributions, capital transfers, merger, conversion and restructures, merger and acquisition (M & A); Consultancy on regulatory restrictions in sectors / areas, analyzing posibilities and prospects for success, achieving the approval of the competent authority for special transaction issues such as transaction structure, transaction changes, acquirer, project settlement, assets property of the Company with owned complex objectives, enforcement of management rights, control rights.

(vi) Consultancy, research, legal appraisal of M ​​& A transactions (due diligence); planning and proposing the legal recommendations, legal pathway for transaction, identifing and requiring to perform the obligations, proposing tax solutions, asset property, corporate ownership, contractual obligations, competition law compliance, labor and the complex legal risks arising from the transaction; Drafting, negotiating, evaluating and giving consultance on the transaction documents, contract negotiation and the shareholder agreement documents. Conduct administrative/legal procedures for the entire transaction and enterprise restructure after the transaction;

(vii) Consultancy on settling disputes on the business activities, dissolution and bankruptcy;

(Viii) Legal representatation and authorized representatation in the legal relations and state management agencies and partners.

Translated from: vấn pháp luật doanh nghiệp, tái cấu, chuyển đổi, mua bán sáp nhập

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