The contract signed between the parties in the business cooperation is becoming more popular in the market economy. However, after signing the contract, if the parties do not comply with the contract’s term and conditions, the disputes will arise. One of the contractual dispute settlements is to iniciate a lawsuit. Petition for the contract dispute is the first written document for the clients to declare the contents as well as offer their request for settlement at court.

To draft the petition on contractual disputes, the relevant parties must be well aware of the legal contractual regulations, contract drafting, and contract signing and contract implementation. The petitions’ contents on the contractual disputes, the parites must comply such common forms prescribed by law. On the other hand, the petition on the contractual disputes must present the process of signing, implementing the contract as well as contractual damages, violation and the parties’ faults. Based on the above analysis, the petitioners must make their requirements to resolve disputes such as contract performance requirements, contract penalties, compensation for the damages, contract’s ineffectiveness.

The lawyers play an important role in iniciating the contractual disputes. With a team of professional and experienced lawyers and consulting experts, Minh Khue Law Firm will supply the clients with comprehensive.

- Legal consultancy on the contract

- Legal consultancy on iniciating a lawsuit over the contractual dispute

- Prepare the lawsuit petition and lawsuit documents.

Translated from: Luật vấn giải quyết tranh chấp hợp đồng