1. Advise on legal provisions on dividing procedures:

Limited liability companies, joint stock companies may be divided into several companies of the same type.

The content of legal counseling includes:
- Advising the procedure of the General Meeting of Shareholders / Board of Members to approve the division of company;
- Counsel the principle and procedure of dividing the company's assets;
- Consultancy on the employment plan;
- Counsel the time limit and procedures for converting the contributed capital, shares and bonds of the divided company into new companies;
- Counsel the principle of resolving the obligations of the divided company; The time limit for dividing the company.
- Consultancy the content of the Charter of the newly established company;
- Consultancy the termination of the existence of the divided company;
2. Completing the dossier for establishment of the company:
- Minutes of meetings of the Members' Council / General Meeting of Shareholders on the division of companies;
- A valid copy of the business registration certificate of the divided company;
- Request for business registration;
- List of members/shareholders;
- Company rules;
- Other necessary documents;
3. Representatives carrying out the procedures:
- Applying for change of business registration at Department of Planning and Investment;
- Monitoring the processing and notification of the submitted dossiers;
- Receive the business registration certificate with the Department of Planning and Investment (the representative of the company present with the Minh Khue Law Firm to receive the business registration certificate);
- Carrying out the registration of seal making and contacting the company seal at the competent police office.
- Get seal sample registration certificate and company seal (company representatives present with Sunlaw Law Firm to sign the seal);
- Carrying out the registration of the tax registration certificate for the company;
4. Commitment to service after the establishment of an enterprise:
- Consultancy on the preparation of legal documents for the company in accordance with the content changes;
- Providing related legal documents as required;
- Guiding relevant procedures at the head office of Minh Khue Law Firm;
- 10% discount for next service.
Translated from: Tư vấn chia công ty

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