With a commitment to brand development always brings the effect on the quality of products and services to serve the consumer, also meant to create social value, Minh Khue Law Firm provides services In the field of branding consultancy follows:

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The scope of services provided by Minh Khue Law Firm in the field of consulting brand development:

- Build brand identity, website design;
- Consultation on building the mission, vision and core values;
- The brand development plan for new products;
- Developing corporate brand development strategies: Media, press, events ...;
- Consulting on determining the brand value of enterprises in the process of equitization; split, transfer ownership.
- Advising on buying and selling, merging brand.
Consultancy process of Minh Khue Law Firm in the field of brand development consultancy:
The general process of developing the brand development strategy is implemented in the following steps. In the process of consulting, depending on the needs of the business, Minh Khue Law Firm will be flexible to provide reasonable process consulting clients.
1. Research and report on the market and products of the business: Based on information from market, industry, consumers, competitors to draw an overview of market, consumer trends, competitors' activities, market events, etc.
2. Analyze the characteristics of the product: Based on the market information, industry, consumers, analyze characteristics such as price, type, size, quality, benefits that Products brought to the consumer.
3. Analyze your competitors
- SWOT analysis of each major competitor.
- Analysis of competitive position.
4. Analyze target customer groups: Analyze consumer behavior, identify segments of potential customers, identify their implicit facts.
5. Brand Status Analysis: Based on the actual situation, SWOT analysis of the brand at the present time.
6. Establish a target strategy.
- Identify the target group
- Choose a position that best suits the brand that best suits your target audience (Distinct strengths).
- Identify the image and personality of the target audience.
7. Marketing Strategy: Based on the new Brand Identity, outlines the marketing objectives to be achieved that form a Marketing Strategy that includes two areas:
- Communication strategy
- Price Strategy
- Distribution Strategy
8. Communication Strategy: Include all directions for the operation based on the five factors that make up the brand:
- Creates slogan for the brand
- Provide direction to use effective communication channels
- Outline the necessary branding activities
- Creation of a Creative Request.
9. Branding Plan
- A detailed plan, based on the budget planned for the branding program.
- The plan will show the programs, specific activities, time is taken, who performed, expected results and cost estimates.
Building a brand identity system

The brand identity system is built on the combination of many factors consistent and consistent Brand. Include: Brand Name, Logo, Main Color, Font, Namecard, Website, Arrangement of a signboard at office, office, uniform, etc. To build a brand identity system, it is necessary to develop a close linkage between these elements. You have difficulty in building brand identity system for your company, you want to make difference with other companies, Minh Khue Law Firm will do it for you:

Process of Minh Khue Law Firm with this service:

Stage 1 - Design:

Minh Khue law firm design, customers choose the right black and white samples for editing.
Stage 2 - Color scheme:
Minh Khue Law Firm adjust the selected samples at the customer's discretion and perform the color scheme, based on the black and white pattern that the customer selected.
Stage 3 - Finishing:
3.1. Brand standardization
1. The main symbol
2. Explain the meaning of LOGO
3. Standard rate
4. Standard grid lines
5. Color standard
6. Black and white
7. Colors (on different backgrounds)
8. Special cases when using LOGO
9. Minimum standard size allowed
10. Logo layout (Logo design with the same name, address and company slogan)
11. Logo format as background
12. Regulations against use (bucket, distortion)
3.2. Brand Identity
1. Letter head
2. Envelope mail (Small, Missed, Large)
3. Business card
4. Staff card
5. Notes
6. Fax
7. Press release
8. CDs and CD covers
9. Certificate
10. Email Banner
11. Combination of LOGO, sample gift
12. Label Room, Showroom
13. Gift bag.
14. Outdoor advertising billboards.
15. Gift samples
16. Office uniforms
17. PowerPoint Form
18. Invitations, greeting cards
19. Document Holder (BROCHURE)
20. logo on the desktop background
3.3 - Website development
3.4 - Slogan Construction
Stage 4 - Finish
Vision and mission of the brand
Brand visibility suggests a direction for the future. The mission of a brand is to define the purpose of the brand, the reasons for and the meaning of its creation and its existence. Companies that have long-term success have core values and a core purpose, which is invariable and their business strategies and practices are always changing with change of the world. In that sense the vision and mission of the brand determines the lifetime of the brand. With this service Minh Khue Law Firm aims to build your company vision, mission, ability to innovate and achieve high achievement in the long term.
Services of Minh Khue Law Firm:
- Build the core ideology
- Build core values
- Build a core purpose
- Build core ideas
- Build a clear future (the future envisioned)
- A vivid description (clear, and promising description of achieving the goal)
New product development
It is said that the new product is the blood of the enterprise. New products have been developed to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, to keep up with new technique, new technology and to cope with fierce competition in the market.
However, developing new products is a risky thing and many new products have failed. In this section, we try to understand the steps to create new products, put into the market and develop successfully in the market.
To be able to develop a new product successfully, businesses must understand what their customers want, understand the market, understand their competitors and develop a product that delivers superior value to customers. Minh Khue Law Firm with knowledge and experience will advise your company to develop new products bring the highest efficiency.
Services of Minh Khue Law Firm:
- Consulting information search and market review
- Deliberate product ideas and testing.
- Consulting to develop marketing strategy of products.
- Analysis of business performance prospects.
- Business strategy consulting.

Brand development strategy

Branding is the first and most important element of a marketing strategy that makes it possible to recognize, recall, distinguish and direct customers to buy and use products.

Not only the business community, but the whole society also discuss the brand, so that the word "brand" has gone beyond the limits of corporate meetings and into life. An actor, athlete, journalist or social activist when it comes to publicity, it is said that he (or she) already has a brand. Even the banks, which in the past did not pay attention to the brand also found the need to pay attention to the brand, making the public familiar. There are also new brands that have come out to be successful. .... To get that result, companies have to build the brand is not only a beautiful label, eye-catching but behind it is a comprehensive and serious policy to govern, protect and develop the brand.

Services of Minh Khue Law Firm:

- Branding consultancy;

- Develop a comprehensive brand development strategy;
- Develop a specific brand development strategy for each stage;
- Brand positioning advice clearly in consumer perception;
- Advise other supportive measures to maximize brand effectiveness
- Consultancy on building brand philosophy.
Brand valuation

Brand is really an asset of the business, but the value of this intangible asset is a difficult one to find. Brand valuation is still the work of professionals, requiring careful and careful research, but often produces controversial results. By understanding and experience of the experts of Minh Khue Law Firm, we ensure that valuation methods can be applied in accordance with the standards recognized by Vietnam and internationally and in accordance with the purpose. valuation of the business.

Factors Minh Khue law firm used to evaluate a brand:

1. Market Segmentation - Brands affect the choice of consumers, but there are differences in each market. The brand's market is divided into several customer groups that are relatively homogeneous in terms of products or services, distribution channels, patents, geographic areas, existing customers, and new customers. Branding is priced per segment and the total value of the segments will constitute the total value of the brand.

2. Financial Analysis - Following step 1, in each segment, identify and forecast revenues and income from intangible assets acquired through branding. Intangible income is the brand's revenue minus operating expenses, related taxes and interest. We can say this concept is like the concept of economic profit.

3. Needs analysis - The "Role of branding" indicator represents the percentage of the contribution of intangible revenue generated by the brand. It is calculated by identifying the different needs of the bottom line of the brand, then measuring the impact of the brand. Brand income is measured by the "Role of Branding" indicator multiplied by the intangible income.

4. Competition Criteria - Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your brand to determine the brand deduction interest rate (this reflects the risk of future expected return on your brand), measured by "Brand Strength Score". In order to achieve this result, the combination of competitive standards and market evaluation of brands, stability, leadership, development, market coverage, etc.

5. Brand Value Calculation - The brand value is the net present value (NPV) of the predicted revenue generated by the brand, deducted by the Brand Discount Rate. The NPV results are not only drawn at the time of forecast but also at a later date to reflect the company's ability to generate future revenue streams.

Mergers and acquisitions between brands

When two big brands come together under the same roof under the "M&A" (Merger & Acquisition) rule, the house may grow but there are potential risks. Compatibility leads to the house collapsing in the future. So how to avoid the situation?

Minh Khue Law Firm with this service will help you:

- Research on competitors;

- Evaluate the competitor's strengths;
- Understand the corporate brand strategy before embarking on any M&A contract;
- Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the brand is merged so that it can assess the compatibility of this brand with the strategy of the brand stand out.
- Create a "brand architecture" policy (one from which professionals talk about brands and how brands work together) and media plans.
Helps the parties understand the brand equity and how to reconcile as well as eliminate disadvantages or disadvantages to living in harmony under the same roof.

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