Why should you register an intellectual property right?

The registration of protection of intellectual property rights for businesses not only promotes the branding of the business, creating trust in the relationship with the business partners, an enterprise can also have legal protection against unauthorized use of such intellectual property rights.

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Intellectual Property Lawyer Service of Minh Khue Law Firm:

- We have a team of experienced lawyers and knowledge in the field of legal advice on registration of protection of intellectual property rights in Vietnam;

- We provide practical, high-quality advice as well as other services needed during the registration and protection of intellectual property rights.

- We provide comprehensive services in the area of registration of protection of intellectual property rights, trademark consultancy, including: registration of patent protection, registration of trademarks, registration of protection of industrialdesigns, registered copyright protection.

The specific scope of works is as follows:

- Strategic consulting, brand development (such as website communication strategy, internet marketing, customer care ...).
- Consultancy on establishing intellectual property rights, trademarks.

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- Consultancy on logo protection, trade name consultancy for enterprises, consultant to label products and goods.
- Look up, provide information on the registration of intellectual property rights in Vietnam.
- Check the availability of registered intellectual property rights; Consultancy on registration trademark protection.
- Representative clients to submit an application for protection of intellectual property rights, including the amendment and extension of the protection title.
- Contract consultancy, contract drafting, evaluation, registration of license contracts, technology transfer.
- Advising on the settlement of contractual disputes, negotiating and representing disputes in the field of intellectual property.
- Conducting intellectual property rights under protection: investigating, supervising, negotiating, conciliating, initiating lawsuits or requesting other competent agencies to handle violations.

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Intellectual Property Department - Minh Khue Law Firm

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