The procedures for establishing representative offices of foreign traders in Vietnam are specified as follows:

1. A foreign trader shall be granted a permit to set up a representative office in Vietnam when fully satisfying the following conditions:

- Being a trader recognized by the law of the country or territory (hereinafter collectively referred to as the country) where such trader establishes or registers business;

- It has been operating for not less than 01 year since its establishment or legal business registration in the country of the trader.

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2. A dossier of application for a license for the establishment of a representative office includes:

- An application for a representative office establishment permit signed by a competent representative of the foreign trader;

- A copy of the business registration certificate or equivalent paper of the foreign trader certified by a competent authority of the locality where the foreign trader is established. In cases where the business registration certificate or paper of equivalent value specifies the duration of operation of the foreign trader, such period must be at least one year left;

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- Audited financial statements or other documents of equivalent value, proving the actual existence and operation of foreign traders in the latest fiscal year;
- A copy of the charter of the trader's activities for foreign traders being economic organizations.

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