Minh Khue Law Firm specializes in technology transfer, knowledge and expertise in providing technology across borders into Vietnam, and the application of those technologies in Vietnam.

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The ability to combine domestic legal knowledge at a high level with international experience allows the company to understand the difficulties and thereby advise clients on the legal risks that clients need to know before doing business as well as in operation in Vietnam. The company has the abilities to understands the best way to enter the market and provides the most practical solutions for customers to reach their business goals at competitive rates.

Our lawyers in the field of Technology, Telecommunications and Communications can combine legal skills with business sensitivity. In addition to our knowledge of technology, telecommunications, media, publishing, and press, we have actively participated in the legal reform process in Vietnam, researched in-depth in Information technology. Therefore, our team is known as one of the leading choices in this field in Vietnam.


Our service covers all legal issues related to technology and digital that the customer may be involved, including customer issues that are perceived or unnoticed. From e-transactions in the Internet to privacy, software development issues, licensing and maintenance agreements, and strategic consulting for outsourcing business processes; to register to enforce the legal rights. We use our skills tailored to the specific business of our clients, and we have specialized experience in the field of technology transfer and application to the manufacturing and service industries and restructure the business model of customers in the field of Technology, Telecommunications and Communications.

Translated from: Dịch vụ tư vấn pháp luật về các lĩnh vực công nghệ, viễn thông và truyền thông

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