Minh Khue Law Firm supports clients in:

- Introduce a suitable enterprise restructuring solution;
- Counseling tax policies related to business restructuring.
- Shortlist the potential partners.
- Proven due diligence, perform due diligence.
- Participate in negotiation.
- Drafting sales contracts and other relevant legal documents.
Consultation on selling and dissolving the company
With businesses having the need to sell or dissolve the company when the business is inefficient, our lawyers and consultants will advise businesses on all stages of the selling process to create the maximum value and the highest efficiency for businesses and shareholders of the business. Minh Khue Law Firm provides representation services for businesses in selling and dissolving companies or parts of the company.
Our professional team with a high commitment to performance will help businesses manage the transferring process while maintaining business continuity. The transferring process will be completely confidential, meet the strategic objectives of the business, and only focus on creating value for the business. The process of selling the business is carried out through the steps:
- Prepare documentation for the sale process
- Identify the partner with the best offer
- Contact and arrange with your buying partner
- Negotiate and close the transaction.

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