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We provide the following services:

- Consultancy and guidance on regulations on foreign investment in Vietnam;

- Conducting market surveys and research;
- Advise on appropriate investment vehicle options, including 100% foreign-invested enterprises, joint venture economic organizations or business cooperation contracts;
- Introduce and evaluate potential partners with in-depth research reports;
- Providing Feasibility Study Reports and Legal Research Reports;
- Assisting investors in negotiating with their partners in investment cooperation agreements, joint venture contracts, business co-operation contracts and other agreements related to investment in Vietnam;
- Providing services for checking the legality and valuation of investment projects and locations of investment projects;
- Drafting and finalizing contractual documents (letter of intent, memorandum, confidentiality agreement, etc.;
- Drafting and finalizing investment cooperation agreements, joint venture contracts, business co-operation contracts, technical assistance contracts, etc.
- Prepare other documents of the project file;
- Representing investors to file applications and project dossiers in order to obtain the investment certificate and follow the investment project appraisal and evaluation process;
- Provide post-licensing administrative procedures including, but not limited to, procedures for registration of company seals, tax identification numbers, personnel management, work permits, investment incentives investment, etc.
- Provide legal aid services throughout the operation of the enterprise and / or the implementation of the project.

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