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For each law firm in general and the lawyer's office in particular, corporate clients/companies are always specially cared because this is a group of clients who wish to use legal consultancy services regularly. In order to best meet that demand, Minh Khue Law Firm considers the establishment of a business start-up business just a pre-requisite of customer service, legal consultancy after the establishment is always our special attention.

Consultancy service of company establishment, we counsel specifically as follows:

1. Consultancy before the establishment of the company:

For each entrepreneur before the start of business, a lot of legal issues will be set out as: Which type of enterprise? How much is the registration fee? Registration of founding members/founding shareholders? Which business line? Pre-established consultancy activities will address specific issues of interest to you, including:

- Consultancy to choose type of company (limited liability company - joint stock company - sole proprietorship);
- Consultancy on the company name (Select the appropriate trade name);
- Consultancy of company headquarters (Head office rent or under the lawful use of the Company);
- Consultancy on registration of charter capital (suitable to each business line and type of enterprise);
- Consultation on selection of business lines (according to the system of national economic industries);
- Consultancy on the founder of the company (In accordance with current law);
- Consultancy on procedures and issues relating to the internal affairs of the enterprise (Consultancy on organizational structure and operation of the company);
- To receive information and compile a dossier for the establishment of a company, including: Business registration application, company charter, list of shareholders and other documents as prescribed by law);

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2. Perform the tasks as authorized to establish the company:

The attorney/consultant of Minh Khue Law Firm will perform the work as authorized by the clients at the competent State agencies including: Apply for the business registration certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment; Issuing business identification number/tax code at the Department of Planning and Investment; grant a legal seal at the police office. Specifically:

- Representing client to submit, withdraw and receive business registration dossiers at business registration bureaus;
- Carrying out procedures for engraving seal for the company (company seal, seal sign, tax registration number);
- Carrying out procedures for tax code registration and export and import functions for enterprises.

3. Time to complete the registration of company establishment:

According to the law, the time limit for issuing business registration certificates and the legal seal of the company shall be 10 working days as from the date of full submission of documents as prescribed by law. However, in order to best meet the requirements of customers to quickly set up enterprises to take advantage of the best business opportunities - We can complete all these procedures within 2-3 working days From the date you provide the full dossier at a competitive cost.

4. Consultancy and support activities after establishment of the company:

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Minh Khue Law Firm supports and advises on the following issues:

- Business start-up consultancy (tasks to be done by a new business, initial unified branding ...)
- Consulting business activities (by email, mail, fax);
- Provide legal documents as required (via email);
- Drafting internal documents of the enterprise, including: charter, minutes of the contribution of capital to set up the company, election of the chairman, appointment of representatives at law, appointment of director, decision on appointment of accountant Chief, Share certificate, Shareholder book, Notice of shareholder book

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